Hunt: Showdown announces new map DeSalle with a trailer - We have all the details

Published: Jun. 25, 2021
Updated: Jun. 25, 2021

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Crytek released a first teaser trailer for the upcoming Hunt: Showdown Map DeSalle today on social media and on their YouTube channel. There isn't a release yet, but we'll tell you what can be seen in the trailer.

That's going on: Today, June 25, 2021, Crytek unobtrusively released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Hunt: Showdown Map DeSalle. The trailer already shows various areas from the map that could provide plenty of variety.


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What the DeSalle teaser trailer is showing

  • At the beginning of the trailer, we see a winding shipyard where a ship is being built. Here is a point for snipers that gives a good overview in the direction of the forest.
  • In the next cut, the trailer shows a mine from the outside. We don't see more, but we think that you will also be able to enter the mine.
  • A sawmill is also part of the new DeSalle map, including a small train station and a derailed locomotive. There are also many small hiding spots here.
  • At the end of the trailer we see a kind of prison complex for a short moment, which seems to be well suited for snipers due to the watchtowers and high walls.
  • There also seems to be a small port town, but nothing more can be seen.

When is the release? At the end of the teaser trailer, we see the Hunt: Showdown logo and an indication of the release: "Coming Soon" it simply says here. In all likelihood, the new map will first run on the PC test servers before it is finally released on all platforms.

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