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Escape from Tarkov: Further hints on Wipe in late June

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Developer Battlestate Games has sent a message to all Escape From Tarkov players via Twitter. A newspaper article shows the headline “A fresh start” and the community is sure that the wipe is coming.

That’s going on: Battlestate Games posted a picture of a newspaper article from Escape from Tarkov on Twitter. Translated, the title says “A fresh start” and the community believes in a wipe. There were previous indications of a wipe for the end of June.

What is in the article? The newspaper article translates as follows:

“A Fresh Start! – UN is deeply concerned about the escalation of the conflict around Tarkov and is requesting parties to cease fire and make a truce. In a joint communiqué, the G-30 governments invite the warring parties to sit down at the negotiating table and start a clean slate of dialogue.”

The picture below the text is headed: “One of the many abandoned shelters in the suburbs of Tarkov”

What does that mean, and when will the wipe come?

Wipe on June 30th? The newspaper article apparently announces a wipe, but this has not yet been officially confirmed. Still, the community is wondering when this will take place. Still today, since the date in the newspaper article refers to June 26th, or is it more likely to June 30th, as other indications already suggest?

  • Twitter-User Tmania has a theory: “#216 5833 Top left. 5833 minutes from the time they tweeted this is about 4-430am PST, on June 30th. Which is about 2-230pm Moscow time. Math might be a bit wrong but give or take. Wipe confirmed June 30th?”

What kind of events start? Almost all Scavs in the game appear to have been replaced by Raider at the moment. This is also reflected in an in-game message:


Raiders now occupy the radar, the resort, the bank, and the gas station. Only the shoreline is still occupied with normal Scavs.

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In addition, the community believes that the wad of money in the picture is meant to be a reference to the SCAV / PMC $ 100,000 event.

  • This is what Twitter users Xarr think: “Id originally though it was promoting the new scav karma, or the $100k for scav extracts.”
  • Twitter user Ehzral uses his Google Lense and reads the following information: “Its the cease fire scav/pmc 100,000usd reward thing. Translated via Google lense”

Most users are pretty sure, however, that this message refers to the wipe. The day will have to tell whether a wipe will come today, or more likely on June 30th. We keep you up to date!


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