Hunt Showdown: Tide of Desolation Event has Started – All Details

Published: Dec. 14, 2023
Updated: Dec. 14, 2023

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The new nine-week event “Tide of Desolation” in Hunt Showdown has begun, bringing plenty of action for all the hunters once again. Crytek has also released a fitting trailer, and we have all the details!

Here's the gist:

  • The new Tide of Desolation Event has started and will run until February 14, 2024.
  • We'll tell you what to expect in the event and what factions are involved.
  • Additionally, we'll show you the rewards you can earn.

All the New Content in the Tide of Desolation Event

The Tides of Desolation Event not only introduces new weapons but also a familiar yet exciting feature. Three factions, or pacts, are vying for dominance during the event, and you must pledge allegiance to one of these pacts in each round:

  • The Demented
  • The Drowned
  • The Grounded

Here's what choosing the pacts gets you: During the event, you will collect event points in a match to advance the typical event progress bar. Additionally, you can collect 3 tokens per round by looting other hunters, gathering event points, and banishing bosses. With these tokens, you can unlock various pact bonuses in the game, which apply to the current round:

  • The Demented
    • One Token: Berserker Trait - All melee attacks deal double damage.
    • Two Tokens: Rampage Trait - Defeat enemy hunters to start your regeneration and restore a lost health bar. Applicable up to 3 times.
  • The Drowned
    • One Token: Mariner Trait - Health and stamina regeneration are increased in water and during rain.
    • Two Tokens: Remedy Trait - Use Dark Sight and interact with a Trait Trail to trigger a restoration effect similar to banishing for your team's hunters. Applicable up to 3 times.
  • The Grounded
    • One Token: Shadow Leap Trait - Use Dark Sight and target a monster within range to jump to its position and instantly defeat the monster.
    • Two Tokens: Final Gasp Trait - When looting enemy hunters, your regeneration starts, and a lost health bar is restored. Applicable up to 3 times.

You earn event points through regular gameplay, such as finding clues, defeating bosses or players, and looting/interacting with event altars, which are available only during the event period.

Hunt Showdown Tide of Desolation
The event is running until February 14th

Of course, like in any other Hunt Showdown event, there are new weapons and their variants:

    • New Weapon: Katana
    • New Variant: Caldwell Pax Trueshot
    • New Variant: Drilling Handcannon
    • New Variant: Dolch 96 Claw
    • New Variant: Drilling Hatchet
    • New Variant: Dolch 96 Deadeye
    • New Variant: LeMat Mark II Carbine Marksman

Ash Bloom Wildcard Event in Hunt: Showdown

With the Tides of Desolation event in December, a new feature can now be active on the map, known as a Wildcard condition. "Ash Bloom" envelops everything in dense fog, and all animals are more alert.


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The Ash Bloom can start with light fog and end up in heavy fog with thick ash flakes. The denser the fog becomes, the more likely animals like crows, horses, or dogs will become agitated. However, some rounds can also start directly with dense fog.

Event Rewards in the Tide of Desolation Event

In addition to the regular event rewards that everyone can earn, the event also offers rewards for Battle Pass owners. You can acquire the Battle Pass for 1000 Blood Bonds or for 2400 in a bundle version.

Hunt Showdown Tides of Desolation Battlepass
Which Battle Pass would you choose?

These are the Free Rewards

Hunt Showdown Tides of Desolation Free Rewards
These are the free rewards for everyone
  • Equipment Unlock – Caldwell Pax Trueshot
  • Custom Ammo Unlock – Winfield M1873 Poison Ammo
  • Chapter 1 (Story)
  • Equipment Unlock – Drilling Handcannon
  • Chapter 2 (Story)
  • Custom Ammo Unlock – Winfield M1873C Poison Ammo
  • Chapter 3 (Story)
  • Custom Ammo Unlock – Winfield M1876 Centennial High Velocity Ammo
  • Chapter 4 (Story)
  • Equipment Unlock – Katana
  • Custom Ammo Unlock – Caldwell Pax High Velocity Ammo
  • Chapter 5 (Story)
  • Equipment Unlock – Dolch 96 Claw
  • Chapter 6 (Story)
  • Blood Bonds – 100
  • Chapter 7 (Story)
  • Custom Ammo Unlock – Dolch 96 Full Metal Jacket Ammo
  • Chapter 8 (Story)
  • Equipment Unlock – Drilling Hatchet
  • Chapter 9 (Story)
  • Legendary Combat Axe – Cracked Obelisk
  • Chapter 10 (Story)
  • Trait Unlock – Martialist
  • Chapter 11 (Story)
  • Custom Ammo Unlock – Caldwell Conversion Uppercut Full Metal Jacket Ammo
  • Chapter 12 (Story)
  • Equipment Unlock – Dolch 96 Deadeye
  • Chapter 13 (Story)
  • Custom Ammo Unlock – Dolch 96 Dumdum Ammo
  • Chapter 14 (Story)
  • Equipment Unlock – LeMat Mark II Carbine Marksman
  • Chapter 15 (Story)
  • Legendary Hunter Unlock – The Beekeeper
  • Weapon Charm – Boreal Point (Overspill)
    Note: You cannot buy the Overspill level.

These are the Battle Pass Rewards

Hunt Showdown Tides of Desolation Battle Pass Rewards
These are the Premium Tier Rewards.
  • Legendary Regeneration Shot (Weak) – Thorax Brew
  • Blood Bonds – 100
  • Legendary Caldwell Pax Trueshot – Last Line
  • Legendary Liquid Fire Bomb – Fiery Froth
  • Blood Bonds – 100
  • Weapon Charm – Mother's Prize
  • Legendary Drilling Handcannon – Fossil Tooth
  • Weapon Charm – Abyssal Anchor
  • Legendary Hunter – Thirteenth Mate
  • Legendary Dolch 96 Claw – Veil Slasher
  • Weapon Charm – Bitter Honey
  • Blood Bonds – 100
  • Legendary Drilling Hatchet – Razor Spate
  • Legendary Katana – Ancestor's Wrath
  • Blood Bonds – 100
  • Legendary Dolch 96 Deadeye – Pupil Brine
  • Blood Bonds – 100
  • Legendary LeMat Mark II Carbine Marksman – Sullied & Sworn

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