Hunt Showdown Update 1.14: All Details from the Dev Stream

Published: Oct. 02, 2023
Updated: Oct. 02, 2023

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Developer Crytek talked about the upcoming update 1.14 in today's Hunt: Showdown developer live stream. We at have summarized all the important information for you.

When did the stream run? The developer livestream ran on Monday evening, October 2, 2023, starting at around 18:15 CEST on Crytek's official Twitch & YouTube channel. There, social media manager Bence Hamos and design director Dennis Schwarz presented more details about the upcoming update 1.14 to their community.

So that you don't have to watch through the long stream, we summarize all the essential information here!

When will update 1.14 for Hunt: Showdown be released? The update 1.14 and the Tide of Corruption event will start on October 4, 2023. The servers will go offline for this at 7:00 UTC and will come back online a bit later with the update.

All New Features in Hunt: Showdown Update 1.14


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New Custom Ammo Coxes

Crytek adds new custom ammo boxes in update 1.14, which you can find scattered around the game world during your missions, among other places in towers, armories, and supply points. In Soul Survivor mode, however, the new boxes are also included.

If you find one, you can swap your currently equipped ammo for the one in the box or refill it. The ammo type in the box is random, though, so you'll have to pay attention to that. Also, it takes about 5 seconds to remove the ammo from your weapon and collect the new one. After that, you have to reload your weapon, and you are vulnerable the whole time, so be careful here.

New Additions to the Arsenal of Weapons

Update 1.14 adds new weapons to the arsenal, some of which have been requested by the community for quite some time. But new weapon variants are also included. Among them are:

  • New - Baseball Bat: Small melee weapon, blunt damage, low stamina consumption.
  • New - Derringer Pennyshot: Normal ammo, 2-shot, benefits from Frontiersman Perk, Good against Ai, too weak for wall penetrations.
  • Variant - Bornheim No.3 Silencer: The second pistol in the game with a silencer.
  • Variant - Uppercut Precision: The more precise version of the Uppercut.
  • Variant - Uppercut Precision Deadeye:Deadeye version of the Uppercut Precision.
  • Variant - Springfield 1866 Bayonet: The Springfield 1866 with a bayonet on the front.
  • Variant - Berthier MLE 1892 Marksman: The sniper version of the Berthier MLE 1892.
  • Variant - Vetterli 71 Karabiner Cyclone: Vetterli 71 carbine with cyclone function. It thus becomes a semi-automatic weapon with 4 shot capacity.

With the new weapons and variants, there is also a change in the custom ammunition. New types of ammunition will be added for certain weapons, and the Stalkerbeetle will also get a new variant:

Weapon Custom Ammo
Scottfield Dumdum Ammo & High-Velocity Ammo
Springfield 66 High-Velocity Ammo
Winfield Centennial Dumdum Ammo
Nagant & Officer Nagant Dumdum Ammo

The Stalker Beetle, which already came into the game with version 1.10 last year, gets a new variant with 1.14; The Fire Beetle. The Beetle can set your enemies or the environment on fire with a small explosion, and you can easily find it in the world, just like the other Beetles.

More Features from the Hunt: Showdown Update 1.14

  • You can now examine your weapons at the touch of a button. However, for now, only pistols, melee weapons, world items (sledgehammer etc.), bows, and crossbows. More weapons will follow.
  • The light bomb is being rebalanced, as it has taken a lot of criticism. It now takes you longer to use it, and the flare intensity has been reduced. New sounds will ensure that other players can hear the flare bomb when you use it and prepare accordingly.
  • The derringer and flare gun can now be refilled with ammo boxes and crates.
  • The Regeneration Shot is now $20 more expensive, and the regeneration speed has been adjusted to match other healing items.
  • Melee weapons, as well as melee attachments for weapons, now use less stamina when used, allowing you to make another attack before your stamina is depleted.
  • Update 1.14 introduces a permanent “Burn Trait.” The first one is called Shadow:
    • The first Permanent Burn Trait outside of events. Can drop from Meatheads, for example.
    • Burn Traits can be stacked 3x.
    • More Burn Traits will follow in later updates.
    • With this trait, Ai enemies will notice you less, and you can move around NPCs without worry.

Hunt Showdown 1.14 Weapon Inspection


The complete patch notes will follow on October 4, and we will also provide them here.

All Details about the “Tide of Corruption” Event in Hunt: Showdown


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"In the wake of Tide of Shadows, the bayou is in disarray. The rise of Butcher's Cleaver and his Demented Pact pose a grave threat to all who fear the Sculptor, unleashing the Dark Inferno.

The Death Pact is forged to seek answers, while the Infernal come together once more to fight fire with fire."

This is how the new event describes itself, fitting for Halloween, in which you once again collect points through various activities. The following activities apply:

Activity Event-Points
Destroy defiled altars 3
Loot defiled altars 6
Loot hunter corpes 12
Investigate event clues and rifts 10
Banish targets 12
Extract with at least one bounty token 30
Become the soul survivor 30
Complete challenge Milestones 500-1000

These are the New Legendary Hunters

With the event, of course, come new Legendary Hunters into the game, which you can unlock through normal event progress, or through Battlepass, BB, or buying a new DLC.

  • Burnt Marshal: You can get him in the Battlepass.
  • Butcher's Cleaver: Obtained through the event.
  • The Scarecrow: Can be bought with BB.
  • The Waldmann: Can be bought with BB.
  • Scourge Morrrigan: Part of the new DLC.
  • Scourge Midian: Part of the new DLC.

This is what the Pacts in the Tide of Corruption Event are about

Three factions or pacts will fight for supremacy during the event, and you will have to commit to one of these pacts in each round:

  • Infernal Pact
  • Death Pact
  • Demented Pact

This is what the choice of pacts will bring you: During the event, you will earn event points in a match to advance the event's typical progress bar. However, you will also receive 1 pledge token in the game for every 30 event points earned. With these tokens, you can unlock various pact bonuses in the game that count for the current round:

  • Infernal Pact:
    • One pledge token: Your life regeneration is increased in flames and you cannot burn.
    • Two pledge tokens: If you defeat a fighter and have lost a life bar, it is regenerated.
    • Situational pledge token cost: As long as your Infernal Pact is in place, you automatically stop bleeding.
  • Death Pact:
    • One pledge token: During your darkvision, you can see dead players and monsters, and your life regeneration is slightly increased.
    • Two pledge tokens: Your hunter does not lose a life bar when he goes down. Can be stacked up to 3x.
    • Situational pledge token cost: When you loot a corpse, spend 1 token to restore one life bar.
  • Demented Pact:
    • One pledge token: You get a random trait and some Hunt dollars when you or your teammates pick up clues.
    • Two pledge tokens: Interact with a trait within darkvision and a healing effect is triggered for you and your team within 25 yards. Can be stacked up to 3x.
    • Situational pledge token cost: While you have Demented Pact active, you regenerate a small amount of health whenever you deal damage to a boss or wild targets.


This is the Dark Inferno – New Wildcard Event Condition in Hunt: Showdown

With the Tide of Corruption event in October, it is now possible for a new feature to be active on the map, called a Wildcard Condition. Due to “The Dark Inferno” everything will be covered in thick smoke, and many parts of the map will burn. However, this only happens at night:


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We'll know more on October 4 when the update and event go live. Are you already looking forward to it? Write us about it in the comments!

Would you like to join our community and discuss Hunt: Showdown? Then join our new Discord server, we look forward to seeing you!

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