Hunt Showdown: With the new DLC Witch Hunters Roam the Bayou

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Hunt Showdown gets a new DLC that is based on the Salem Witch Hunts. A witch hunter storms the bayou with his two weapons. 

Like most of Hunt Showdown’s cosmetic DLC, the “They Came from Salem” DLC will give you a legendary hunter, a bandage bag and two weapons, a pistol and a long gun. Everything in occult and cryptic visuals.

These are the contents from the new Hunt DLC:

  • Legendary Hunter: The Witch Hunter, Circe Elias.
  • Nagant M1895 officer: nurse’s hut
  • Berthier 1892 Eagle Eye: Witch Trial
  • Bandage bag: Apothecary

Where can you get the DLC? You can purchase the latest Hunt Showdown DLC via the Steam store, PlayStation store, and Xbox store. The new content is out today, March 08, 2022 and costs €8.99.

What is behind the “They came from Salem” DLC?

This is what the lore text says: When she was a little girl, Circe’s grandmother told her the story of the Elias family. She explained to Circe that although many innocent people were killed in Salem, there were actually witches. They walk around in the guise of women and terrorize the town.

The witches attracted young girls to their side and then slipped into their bodies. Circe’s grandmother told her that it was the Elias family’s job to track down and eliminate these witches until there was nothing left of them.

This is the legendary hunter: Circe Elias comes from a long line of witch hunters. Her upbringing consisted of being trained to fight the unknown. When the New York branch of the AHA learned about Louisiana, Circe knew: It’s time to prove your mettle.

These are the weapons: The Berthier rifle, long in the family, has been covered with the ashes of dead witches. The “Sister’s Keeper” revolver should serve as Circe’s sister’s defense while Circe is out hunting. However, when she returned home, her sister was dead.


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