Lost Ark: New Continent Elgacia will Open its Doors Soon

Published: Jun. 06, 2023
Updated: Jun. 06, 2023

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The time has come: the next content update for Lost Ark will be released soon and will bring a new continent into the game. From June 14, 2023, we will be able to explore the once paradisiacal Elgacia, after which the Legion commanders are stretching out their demonic hands.

What's going on? Lost Ark fans can look forward to new content. On June 14, 2023, the next major update for the A-RPG will be released, including the new continent of Elgacia. We summarize what you can expect from the patch.

June Update for Lost Ark: What Elgacia Has to Offer

The developers of Lost Ark have presented the contents of the June update in more detail in an official blog post. The focus is on the continent of Elgacia, which not only continues the story of Arkesia, but also includes a new Abrgund dungeon.

What can I expect from Elgacia? Elgacia is the land of the Lazenith, a race created by Procyon (God of Honor). The Lazeniths stole a piece of the Ark from their creator, whereupon Regulus, the God of Order, punished them and clipped their wings.

Elgacia itself was created by Regulus as the last paradise and is now also threatened by the demon invasion of Arkesia. We will learn more about the history of the Lazeniths and explore the city of Ereonnor, the sacred Phylantos, and the blessed Hestera Garden, among other places. Note that you need item level 1460 to go to Elgacia.

What is the new Abyss Dungeon about? Once you have completed the main story of Elgacia, a new four-player Abyssal dungeon, Kayangel, the Sanctuary of Light, will be open to you. You can tackle the dungeon, which has four portals, in Normal (item level 1540 or higher) and Difficult (item level 1580 or higher) mode.

What else is new with the June update? In addition to the new continent of Elgacia, the June update for Lost Ark includes the final 25 levels of the Tower of Fortune. Fans will also enjoy various comfort improvements and new cosmetic items.

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