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The Pestily Punisher 3 tournament was held over two days and now the winners of the Escape From Tarkov competition are known. We have listed the best players from the different regions!

This is Punisher 3: The Escape From Tarkov tournament, which is being held by the Australian streamer Pestily in collaboration with the developers, is drawing to a close. The winners of the Asia and Oceania region are already known. As soon as it is further determined, this article will be updated.

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These are the winners of the Pestily Punisher 3 Tarkov tournament

Asia Region Winner

  • 1st place: Ren0809k
  • 2nd place: tianjiu1104
  • 3rd place: einherjarskf
  • 4th place: v_sierra
  • 5th place: HaoWeiiiii


Oceania Region Winner

  • 1st place: Dicklet_
  • 2nd place: Acezproduction
  • 3rd place: Readym8
  • 4th place: Kafkane
  • 5th place: Pan1k


EU/Africa Winners

  • 1st place: Axel_tv
  • 2nd place: ThaTAce__
  • 3rd place: h4rd111
  • 4th place: aynzz
  • 5th place: Shadee_tv


America Winners

  • 1st place: Dylhero
  • 2nd place: Hyperrattv
  • 3rd place: Creasyonfire
  • 4th place: Smittystinetv
  • 5th place: Plorbus1


Everything at a glance: If you click here, you will be taken to the leaderboard, which lists all participants and winners of the Pestily Punisher 3 tournament in the relevant region. Now all winners are known and listed.

A new date for the next Pestily Punisher Tarkov event has certainly already been set. As soon as there is news in this regard, you will find out from us first as usual.

Now we are still wondering what your points of contact with the Pesitly event were. Did you take part or were you a silent spectator? Leave us a comment (no registration required).


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