Rust Christmas Event 2023: All Content & Gift Table

Published: Dec. 18, 2023
Updated: Dec. 19, 2023

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The Rust Christmas Event 2023 will start soon. Now, we finally know what content awaits us. In this event article, we show you everything there is!

In this article:

  • We'll tell you when the Christmas event in Rust begins,
  • and what surprises await you.

Here's What you can Find in the Rust Christmas Event 2023!

When does the event start? Of course, in 2023, there will be a Christmas celebration in the survival MMO Rust. We'll now tell you what's in store, in addition to gifts, Santa Claus, and cool items.

  • The event begins on December 16, 2023, at 7:00 PM GMT.
  • The event ends on January 4, 2024, at 7:00 PM GMT.

The Overview: This year's Rust Christmas Event brings both the familiar and the new. You can once again go sledding and build ice walls, but you can also visit the popular gingerbread mines. Santa Airdrops, an Advent calendar, and much more are also part of the festivities.

The Gingerbread Mines in the Rust Christmas Event

The biggest new feature from the Rust Christmas Event in 2022 is the Gingerbread Mines. Here you face dangerous gingerbread men who want to get their hands on you. You must defeat them and explore their mines to end up stealing the great gifts stored here. The mines are marked by gingerbread houses on the surface of the game world. When you enter the house, a new instance loads.

But be careful, right after entering it can happen that the gingerbread will open fire on you. So be careful. Kill them and loot them because the gingerbread men also carry gifts, crafting materials, and other loot.


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Santa's Airdrops

Instead of an airplane dropping a box, you will now find Santa Claus on his sleigh, who announces himself with festive sounds. He'll then drop a big gift that all you have to do is pick it up.


The Sled

This is how you build the sled: The sled is one of the favorites of the winter event among Rust fans, and of course, it shouldn't be missing in 2022 either. You can toboggan down the snowy mountains with him and have a lot of fun. You will need these materials at a level 1 workbench:

  • 25 metal fragments
  • 150 wood
Image from Rustafied

You can also choose between two sled skins. One made of wood and one padded sled. Every time you pick it up after a trip, it loses 25% HP, which allows a total of 4 trips.

More about Rust

This is how you can ride: To be able to sled with it, you have to place it on a snowy hill and just sit on it.

But be careful! The sleigh in the Rust Christmas Event 2022 does not stop moving unless one of the following occurs:

  • No more snow
  • You get off at full speed
  • You don't make a sound anymore & your friends scratch you off a tree or rock - have fun!

The Snowball Cannon (Blizzard Blaster)

This is how snow becomes a weapon: The snowball cannon or Blizzard Blaster, as it is officially called, is a machine gun in the Rust Christmas event 20212, which of course shoots snowballs. The features of the blaster are as follows:

  • 50 snowballs in the magazine
  • 6 damage to the body / 10 to the head
  • 1 damage on branch formation
  • No damage to other buildings

You can find it here: In the gifts that you can receive during the event (more on that later), you can also find the snowball cannon, among other things. This means that every player has equal access to the weapon, and it is not hidden behind any seasonal achievements.


Snow Cannon

Make snow in the desert! This item can be used to create artificial snow. It doesn't matter where you set up the snow cannon.


Gingerbread Building Skins

Have you ever wanted to build your own gingerbread house in Rust? Now is your chance. The event introduces gingerbread skins to the world of Rust, allowing you to decorate your structures. These skins are designed for wooden building components and cannot be applied to stone structures.

Rust Gingerbread house

All Christmas Presents in Rust

It pays to be good: Just like with the Halloween event, you can either open it or combine 10x small or 5x medium gifts to receive the next largest gift. The following awaits you when you unpack them:

Small Present

  • ~100 to 200 stone
  • Candy canes
  • ~3 to 4 chocolate bars
  • 1 snowball
  • ~5 to 15 scrap
  • ~200 to 400 wood
  • Candy cane club, wrapping paper and 1 snowball
  • ~25 to 35 LGF and 2 snowballs
  • ~25 to 50 metal frags
  • ~Eoka and 9 to 11 handmade shells
  • Reindeer antlers
Rust Present small

Medium Present

  • 1000 stone
  • Pipe shotgun and 10 handmade shells
  • 150 LGF
  • Small stocking
  • Salvaged cleaver
  • Pookie bear
  • Snowball Gun and 4 snowballs
  • Star tree topper
  • ~3 to 4 short ice walls
  • Decorative baubles
  • Sled
  • Tree lights
Rust Present big

Large Present

  • 250 Crude Oil
  • 60 HQM
  • Super stocking
  • Supply signal
  • Revolver and 20 pistol bullets
  • Custom SMG and 20 pistol bullets
  • Pump shotgun and 12 buckshot
  • Flame turret
  • Holosight, Weapon lasersight, Silencer, Flashlight
image-asset (3)

Christmas Stockings in Rust

As every year, you can also find Christmas stockings to hang by a campfire or fireplace. They will then automatically fill up over time with items that you can collect. When a sock is full, it starts to glow.

Small Stocking

  • ~250 wood
  • ~150 stone
  • ~25 metal frags
  • Eoka + ~10 shells
  • Reindeer antlers
  • Candy cane club
  • ~5 Chocolate Bars
  • Coal
  • Santa Hat

Large Stocking

  • ~250 wood
  • ~150 stone
  • ~50 metal frags
  • Eoka + ~10 shells
  • Waterpipe shotgun + ~10 shells
  • Medical Syringe
  • Coal
  • Snowball gun
  • 4 snowballs

Further Changes in the Rust Christmas Event 2023

What's more: Not only new items are part of the Rust Christmas event. As in previous years, there are also decorative changes for players and the game world.

  • You can buy new cosmetics in the shop
  • Other items of clothing with a Christmas look can also be found in the airdrops
  • Santa Claus flies again in his sleigh through the skies of Rust
  • There is a snowman helmet
  • You can make a Christmas tree
  • A craftable advent calendar brings you gifts
  • Fireworks that you can design yourself

Some of the images in this article are from the YouTuber Shadowfrax

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