Rust Green Keycard – All locations & Door Puzzles

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In this Rust guide we explain briefly how to get the green keycard. You can also find out where to use the cards on page 2.

What are keycards? There are three different maps in Rust that open doors anywhere on the map. Behind those are tons of excellent weapons, armor, ammunition, and scrap. The cards are divided into three categories:

  • Green keycard: Loot for the beginning of the wipe – (You are here!)
  • Blue keycard: Loot for advanced players
  • Red keycard: Creme de la Creme des Lootes for the late game

In this Rust guide you will find out where to get a green keycard, where to use it and what kind of loot you can expect.

These are the locations of the green keycard in Rust

The most basic map: The Green Keycard in Rust is the cornerstone for the search for the secret treasure rooms that are scattered all over the randomly generated map. You not only need them for the starter run, but also to open blue and sometimes even red doors. Door puzzles are often multi-level. So that you don’t have to search long, here are the locations of the green keycard.

1. Oxum gas station

Enter the gas station above – or much more below – the semi-closed garage. This is located on the right flank of the building. You can tell if you are right by the fact that there is a recycler in the room. Go past this and smash the wooden barricade in front of the door.

Look at the desk in the room behind. Here you should find a green keycard in front of the phone.Rust-oxum-gasstation-tankstelle

2. The lighthouse

The place where you can most often find a green keycard in Rust is the lighthouse. That’s because few players go out of their way to get here.

Walk up the stairs on the outside of the lighthouse and smash another wooden barricade in front of the front door. If you are in the tower go through the first door on your right. You can find the green card on the desk in the far left corner of the room.


3. The supermarket

The supermarket is often mistaken for the gas station, so just pay attention to the non-existent garage. This monument not only offers a lot of food and loot boxes, but also the green keycard you are looking for.

To get to them, you enter the supermarket through the main entrance. Walk to the opposite wall and then to the left. Again, smash a wooden barricade and grab the green keycard on the desk.


4. Junkyard / junkyard

The junkyard is by far the most dangerous place in Rust to look for a green keycard. Many players use the junkyard for its actual purpose to collect tons of scrap. But maybe you’re in the area right now and spontaneously decide to look for a map.

If that is the case, enter the junkyard and walk to the middle. You can recognize them by the large rusted crane. Here you have to find a truck that will act as a ramp leading up a hill. As you can imagine, you have to destroy a wooden barricade again and take the keycard from a table at the end of a container.



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