Conan Exiles - Steel Reinforcement - Bolster Your Buildings

Published: Feb. 06, 2017
Updated: Apr. 15, 2021


If you have progressed far enough into Funcom's Survival MMO, Conan Exiles, you may want to start thinking about steel reinforcement for your high-end buildings. Adding these steel frames to your stone brick walls will make them nearly impervious to any attack. This item does require your character to be at least level 30 with the Master Craftsman recipe unlocked. Here's how to craft them.

Lets Get Some Steel

To construct steel reinforcements you need, of course, steel. Obtaining steel is no easy task however, and has been explained in a secondary article. Once you have managed to smelt some steel, then you're in business. Adding two steel bars to a metalworking bench will create your steel reinforcements.

Steel Reinforcements.

Final tier Wheel of Pain.

What Requires These Reinforcements?

Steel Reinforcements are predominately used to bolster your third tier buildings, making them as safe and secure as they can be. However, it is also a necessary requirement for the construction of the final iteration of the torture device, Wheel of Pain. These late game builds are going to be resource intensive, you have been warned.

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