Conan Exiles – Corruption and How to Cure It


Conan Exiles is not a game for the faint-hearted. The world of Hyboria is an unforgiving place, filled with darkness and death at every turn. One of the unique features that differentiates Conan Exiles from other survival game titles is corruption.

What is Corruption

It’s is an in-game effect that essentially poisons your character’s mind. The more you are exposed, the worse it gets, as it slowly eats away at your maximum health and stamina. When corrupted your top left interface icons will start to fill with a menacing purple colour. Corruption is most commonly found in deep caves and ruins, although there are a number of high level and extremely dangerous creatures that can also apply the effect.

Watch helpless as the corruption takes hold.

How to Cure the Curse

It may be tempting to venture into deep dark caverns looking for interesting loot, but you won’t be able to cure any corruption suffered at your low level. Corrupted stat bars are permanent until you’re cured.

Our advice is stay away from anything corrupted until at least level 10. Once there, you must go out at capture an NPC with the profession of entertainer. Bring him/her back to your camp and convert them into your thrall using the wheel of pain. Command your new thrall to dance for you and watch as the purple corruption recedes. As of now, watching your entertainers dance is the only cure.


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