Conan Exiles – How to Craft Steel


Steel is an end tier material used to craft the strongest weapons, tools, armour and buildings in Conan Exiles. It isn’t the easiest material to obtain, but well worth your time and effort. We’re here to tell you how.


The first step to steel is creating steelfire. For this you will need brimstone, tar and some kind of fuel like coal or wood. Place all three ingredients in your crafted firebowl cauldron to produce steelfire.

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Steelfire crafted in a firebowl.

Forging Your Steel

The next step is to forge your steel bars. Take your newly crafted steelfire over to a furnace and place it inside with some iron bars. It takes 1 piece of steelfire and 5 iron bars to create 1 steel bar. Smelt enough and you’ll be the strongest survivor around. Crafting enough for weapons and armour will be a long process, but worthwhile when your character is kitted out in┬áimpenetrable armour.

Forge yourself some godly armour.


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