Rust: All Keycards & Door Puzzles in The Game Explained

Published: Jun. 03, 2021
Updated: Jun. 04, 2021

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There have been colorful key cards in Rust for a while, the purpose of which is not immediately apparent to all players. In this article we will show you all key cards and what they are used for.

What's the matter? For many players, it is still not clear what the green, red and blue key cards in Rust are for. In this article, we'll explain what they mean and what you can do with collecting the key cards. The following link box will take you to the individual maps and their locations.

Locations & Puzzles of Every Keycard

What key cards bring to Rust & how to get them

That's what they're there for: Rust has been offering an electronics system for some time. This not only allows you to wire up your own base. The developers also use this to present you with novel puzzles that you can solve for plenty of loot.

However, these puzzles are all very monotonous and do not require any conclusions like the three question marks. Mostly they are based on putting a fuse in a box, then flicking a switch that is at least not completely obviously hanging on the wall and then marching to a door.

"Doors?" You may ask yourself. Exactly the colorful doors that you noticed several times when crossing the monuments (Rad Towns). There are three variants of this and to open them you have to look for the key cards of the same color in Rust.

  • Green door - this is where you will find a beginner's lot
  • Blue door - This is where you come across medium good loot
  • Red door - The best loot is hidden behind these doors


Key card locations in Rust

Stay in order: As you can now surely guess, the colorful doors are divided into levels. Green is worst, red is best, and blue is in the middle.

Accordingly, you also have to find the key cards in a certain order. You can find the green key card in most monuments without solving puzzles.

To get to the blue card, you need the green card, as the blue ones are often hidden behind green doors. To get the red cards you always need a blue one and at some locations also a green one.

Need this Must-have: What you should always carry with you, regardless of which key card you're looking for in Rust, are the fuses. You have to insert these into the fuse boxes so that electricity can flow at all.

But you have to be careful, the fuses wear out quickly and are broken after just a few minutes. Then the doors close and you may be trapped.

rust-fuse-sicherung (2)

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