Atomic Heart: How to Solve the Boiler Room Puzzle

Published: Mar. 27, 2023
Updated: Mar. 27, 2023

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Throughout the game, you'll reach a boiler room with overheated boilers that must be cooled down in Atomic Heart's Russian robot apocalypse.

What it's about: Atomic Heart is out and delivers the promised badass action we've all been looking forward to. But aside from the cool combat effects and brutal robot battles, the game presents various puzzles to solve, such as the boiler room puzzle.

These puzzles are usually not very difficult, but you always have to solve them! Otherwise, the story of the game won't let you continue.

How to solve the boiler room puzzle in Atomic Heart

The mission “Into the Fire” takes you to a boiler room full of overheated boilers. Among some other tasks, to complete this mission, you'll have to cool down a total of three overheated boilers. To lower the temperature in the boilers, you'll have to use the blue, glowing orbs that the game calls Fahrenheits.

According to the game description, these are candles filled with cyro-polymer. You have to direct these Fahrenheits through the pipe system on the ceiling into the glowing boilers.

You will also find the cooling candles in the boiler room in a broken boiler.

Atomic Heart Fahrenheits

Use your glove to pick up one of the orbs at a time. Next, you need to take the orb to the room next to the boiler room. There you will find the entrance to the pipe system that leads into the three glowing boilers.

Atomic Heart Pipeline

Put the ball in the entrance so that it gets sucked in and go back to the boiler room. There you will now see the cooling sphere floating in the pipeline. Use your glove again to guide the sphere through the pipe system and direct it into the overheated boilers.

Atomic Heart Cooling

Repeat this three times until all the boilers have cooled down.

Note: Each time you successfully cool down one of the boilers, a few enemies will appear to prevent you from continuing. Take them out before grabbing the next orb, so you won't be surprised while working. Once you have cooled down all three boilers, you can continue with the story.

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