What’s the Best Gun in DayZ? The Top 5 Weapons For PvP and Base Raiding

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Update 1.15 (patch notes), which among other things changes the rate of fire (RPM) of various weapons in DayZ. We at Guided.news show you which weapons are the best in DayZ 1.15.

Update brought huge Changes: Patch 1.15 throws DayZ’s weapon meta upside down: The developers have changed the rate of fire (RPM) as well as the recoil and damage of various pistols and rifles, among other things. The Youtuber WOBO has analyzed how this affects DayZ’s gunplay.

What will change in terms of weapons? The developers have significantly increased the rate of fire with various weapons. This also increases the damage done by these weapons:

  • M4A1, VSS/AS Val, Skorpion, SG5-K: 900 instead of 600 RPM
  • Vaiga 12 G: 450 instead of 300 RPM
  • M16: 550 instead of 400 RPM

The recoil with three weapons is also reduced with the update. The associated value is 60 percent lower for the VSS / AS VAL and 75 percent lower for the UMP / USG, while it increases by 66 percent for the MP5 / SG5. This makes the MP5 the worst MP in the game in terms of recoil value.

Weapons in DayZ 1.15: The top 5 in damage output

Thanks to various damage buffs for selected weapons in DayZ paired with the new fire rates, the following ranking results for the weapons.

5 best weapons for PvP in DayZ 1.15

Rank Name Damage per second
1 Vaiga 1860
2 Le-Mas (Famas) 1612
3 M4A1 1440
4 LAR 1220
5 VSS und AS-VAL 1125

Why the Vaiga is so good: First place is occupied by the Vaiga 12 G and in combination with a drum magazine, this automatic shotgun is an absolute beast. The damage calculated above was measured with the red buck shots.

It should be noted here that the damage at a distance naturally drops more than with the other weapons in the list. However, up to a distance of around 30 to 40 meters, it still occupies the first place.

5 best weapons for base raiding in DayZ 1.15

Rank Name Time to destroy 1 wooden wall
(in seconds)
1 M4A1 20,92
2 Vaiga 12G 21,5
3 Le-Mas (Famas) 31,55
4 LAR 38,05
5 VSS und AS-VAL 56,93

Why is the M4 better? Nothing changes in terms of ranking, at least almost. Thanks to a blatant buff in terms of rate of fire, the M4A1 overtakes the Vaiga when smashing a wooden wall.

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So you see, with the weapons in DayZ a lot has changed with update 1.15 compared to version 1.14. We want to know what you think of the changes. How do you like the new weapon ranking? Do you have a new favorite weapon? Write us your opinion in the comments!


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