Dreamlight Valley: Rapunzel's „The Housewarming“ [Quest Guide]

Published: Dec. 08, 2023
Updated: Dec. 15, 2023

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Our editor Alex has been playing Disney Dreamlight Valley since the beginning of Early Access. Here, he explains how to complete Rapunzel's quest "The Housewarming."

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Whether Rapunzel's quests require the purchase of the "A Rift in Time" DLC.
  • Exactly what you need to do to complete Rapunzel's quest "The Housewarming."

Rapunzel is not Included in the Vanilla Version

To unlock Rapunzel in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to own the newly released "A Rift in Time" DLC. You can get it for $30 on Steam. This guide focuses on Rapunzel's quest "The Housewarming"; that means you must have unlocked the long-haired tower resident to play this story. You can find out how to do that in this guide.

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You receive the quest discussed here, a friendship quest of the second level, shortly after discovering Rapunzel in the Grasslands. At the beginning, you are supposed to accompany Rapunzel to her tower; that's where her level 2 friendship quest "The Housewarming" formally begins. Specifically, the daughter of Mother Gothel needs help repairing the tower door and building a dwelling for the Capybara, a rodent.

Quest Guide: How to Solve Rapunzel's "The Housewarming"

Talk to Rapunzel again at the tower. In the conversation, you learn that three materials are needed for the further restoration of the building – and now guess who is responsible for procuring them. The required resources are:

  • Zinc x4: Can be found in the Promenade, the Grasslands, the Grove, and the Lagoon.
  • Tin x4: Obtainable in the Glittering Dunes, the Steppe, or the Oasis.
  • Soil x30: Obtainable almost everywhere by digging in the ground.
Disney Dreamlight Valley The Housewarming Rapunzel Quest Guide 01

The tower can be further renovated with these three materials. (Disney Dreamlight Valley, image: Gamepur)

With these three materials, you now return to Rapunzel. Repair the tower door there, and the delighted young woman will have another collecting task for you, involving some running around. It's about Rapunzel's hidden treasures, scattered over a larger area of the valley.

Find Rapunzel's Hidden Treasures

To be able to find Rapunzel's (at least for her) precious treasures, you need the hourglass tool. The objects you need to track down and pick up are as follows:

  • Cast-Iron Pan: Found just behind the entrance to the Oasis.
  • Wall Clock: Located in the area west of the Docks, near the pier, very close to Eve's house.
  • Purple Cushion: Located just behind the bridge near the Promenade.
  • Handheld Lantern: To be obtained in the Grasslands. The lantern is located near the well.

You can see the exact positions of the items in the screenshots below.

With the treasures in tow, you now return to Rapunzel, who then hands you a painting that you must examine more closely in the inventory. Another conversation follows, in which you learn that the four collected treasures now need to be returned to their designated places in the tower.

Building a Home for the Capybara

Well, with the tower partially restored, what's left is the aforementioned new home for the Capybara. It's clear that Rapunzel is sending you out again to fetch the resources needed for this. In detail, you need:

  • Bamboo x10: Obtainable from large green stalks in the Promenade, the Grasslands, the Grove, or the Lagoon.
  • Tropical Wood x15: Available in the Grasslands. Tropical Wood lies on the ground there.
  • Spinel x1: Obtained by mining red gemstones from rocks. This can be done, for example, near the plaza, in the Promenade, and in the Grove.
  • Green Glass-Like Flowers x3: Grow in the Wasteland and the Steppe.

Now you're almost there, as the house for the Capybara can be crafted from the materials above at a workbench. You can then set it up anywhere in the Wild Tangle. Finally, return to Rapunzel, which, after some small talk, successfully concludes the quest "The Housewarming."

Disney Dreamlight Valley has been available since December 5th for PC (Steam), macOS, PlayStation 5/4, Xbox Series X/S/One, and Nintendo Switch. The full version is priced at 40 dollars on all platforms, with the DLC "A Rift in Time" costing an additional 30 dollars.


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