Conan Exiles: Cure Corruption & All Dancer Locations

Published: Oct. 05, 2022
Updated: Oct. 05, 2022

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In Conan Exiles, you will be affected by corruption while staying in cursed places, which will weaken you from the inside. In our guide, we'll explain what corruption is, how to get rid of it, and where you'll find this "cure".

This is Corruption: Corruption arises from corrupting magic, which weakens your body from the inside by reducing health and sprint points. The longer you are exposed to corrupting magic, the worse the effects of the corruption gets. In total, corruption can reduce your health and sprint points to their half (i.e. 50%).

The purple bars show how much the corruption subtracts from your stats.

Corruption explained in Conan Exiles & How to get rid of it

Where does the corruption come from? You will be able to get the Corruption in different contaminated areas. It's best to prepare for it in advance before going to the following locations or doing these actions:

  • By traveling with a transport stone teleporter.
  • By casting Magic as a Sorcerer.
  • In dark or cursed places, which are full of corrupting magic:
    • deep caves
    • ancient ruins
    • the nameless city
  • When fighting or in the presence of magical creatures that have renounced God, such as demons or undead.

This is how you can heal the corruption

With the help of entertainers, like dancers, you will heal your corruption by watching them dance. To be able to do this, you have to enslave them first. You will recognize them by their dancing. Once you have enslaved your dancers, you can place them in your base and be able to watch them. If you stand within four foundations around the dancer, you will receive the "Entertainment" buff, which increases health regeneration, which also affects your pets.

Other but more costly ways to get rid of the corruption include:

  • Heart of a Hero: Can be found on mini-bosses in the Unnamed City. Removes all corruption.
  • Cleansing Brew: Can be crafted with Herbal Tea + Yellow Lotus Blossom at the Stove. Reduces corruption by 5 % of the max HP before corruption.
  • Champion's Leggings: Can be crafted at the Armor Workbench. Removes 1 corruption every 30 seconds.

Conan Exiles: Dancer locations

In order to heal your corruption as quickly as possible, you should know where to find the dancers. We listed some locations for you:

  • Sinner's Refuge
  • Pagoda of Boundless Lusts
  • The Island of Unsightly Sirens
  • Flotsam
  • Black Galleon
  • New Asgarth
  • Mountains of the Dead

In general, however, you can find dancers in all NPC villages, cities, and sometimes in camps. The higher a dancer's rank, the faster you will be healed of the corruption. So pay particular attention to rank 3 or 4 dancers, or focus on the dancers with their own names who live scattered throughout the Exiled Lands.

All Named Dancers in Conan Exiles

  • Ama the Seductress
  • Anutis the Limber
  • Bohdan the Flexible
  • Dances-With-Bears
  • Fleet-foot
  • Ionna the Seductress
  • Lianeele
  • Luba the Luscious
  • Mekri of Stygia
  • Ona
  • Sadeh the Lithe
  • Syra Brennerhet
  • Valaris Steps-On-Toes
  • Ansina Hidden-Daggers
  • Barnes of Asura
  • Chieftain Didrik
  • Danyo the Seductive
  • Imiu of Derketo
  • Lethandra
  • Lianeele the Accursed
  • Makes-Waves
  • Nimbletoe
  • Oyvind Tall-tree
  • Senk the Pillowdancer
  • Thutmekri the Dramatist
  • Varkin Fleetfoot
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