DayZ: How to Make a fire and upgrade it! It’s that easy

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In DayZ, the cold is a bigger threat than many might think. That’s why we’re going to show you in a nutshell how you can make a fire in DayZ at lightning speed and upgrade your campfire.

That’s why campfires are important: In the Zombie Survival DayZ, it can get freezing. Especially at night or when your clothes are wet, you need a campfire to dry or warm yourself.

But food can also be cooked or fried over a fire. Since patch 1.1, the fire has again been one of the most significant utensils you need to survive, because the temperatures and the influences of your status bars now play a more essential role.

You can now find out how to build a campfire and what bonus it will give you.

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How to Make a Fire in DayZ –  Great Buff incoming

What you require: Making a fire consists of several stages. So you have to work through a lot, but don’t worry. Once you know how it’s done, it will become an easy routine:

All the items you need:

  • Axe or hatchet
  • Short sticks
  • Tinder (bandage, scraps, paper, or bark)
  • Firewood
  • Optional: stones, cooking tripod & pot


1. Fireplace Kit & Tinder

In the first stage, you need to build the foundation on which you will then build up the rest of your campfire. To make the “Fireplace Kit” you have to collect the following resources:

  • Short sticks
  • Bandage, bark, paper, or scraps (only one of them)

Then you combine the sticks with one of the tinder variants to get the kit. You can now place it either on the floor, in a barrel, or in an indoor fireplace.

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In the case of indoor placement, the following procedure remains the same. To use a barrel instead, all you have to do is punch holes in it with an axe, screwdriver, or crowbar. We will come to the other differences in placement later!


2. Make the fire burn

So you placed the kit. Now of course you have to make sure that it burns too. Depending on where you are, it is sometimes easier and sometimes more difficult.

If your wood, matches, or tinder is wet, it can happen that nothing goes up in flames apart from the dream of making a fire. Strong winds can literally blow out the lights for you so look for a good location! But now to light the fireplace. You need:

  • Matches
  • Or Fire drill
  • Firewood

How it works: You take your matches and light the fireplace kit. If you don’t have any matches, you can also build a fire drill.

To do this, use your axe or knife to cut off a piece of bark from any tree. Now you combine this piece with a short stick. And the fire drill is ready, which you can use at the fireplace as well as matches.

If your fire is burning, you will still need firewood. You can get this by cutting down a tree. These then give you firewood. Add these to your fire to make it burn longer and bigger. You can also use sticks alone, but then you will lack the bonus of firewood.


You get this buff: If you warm up by a fireplace for a while, the small thermometer symbol at the bottom right of the screen has a plus. That means you have a buff that also keeps you warm even when it’s arctic cold.


Make Fire in DayZ with Style: These are the Upgrades

If you stay longer in one place, then you can also consolidate your fireplace. To upgrade your fire to an oven, you have to attach 16 stones.

A tripod with a cooking pot can also be attached to the fire. You can find out how to cook food in this guide. We also have a guide on how to preserve food!

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Pay Attention to This When Making a Fire in DayZ!

Fire in houses: If you decided to set up your fireplace in an indoor fireplace or stove, then you should be aware of one thing: Everyone in sight now knows that you are there.

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As in the real world, the smoke has to be vented somewhere. That happens through the chimney. Fireplaces are seldom used, especially in a world that is populated by the dead. The plume of smoke is therefore doubly noticeable.


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