DayZ Guide: This is How You Can Preserve Food

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Since DayZ Update 1.10, food will spoil sooner or later. In this guide, We’ll show you what you have to consider all types of food & how to preserve it.

Update 1.10 introduces shelf life: Since the DayZ Update 1.10, food will spoil regardless of what you are doing. This happens at different speeds depending on the type and preservation. But you can counteract this by making it durable.

We have also written a general guide to cooking in DayZ 1.10!


Preserving food in DayZ: Here’s how!

These foods are there: In DayZ you will encounter a wide variety of types of food.
This ranges from vegetable to animal to chemistry:

Meat Vegetables Fruit Mushroom Canned Food Dry Drinks
Bear Tomato Apple Field Mushroom Baked Beans Cereals Nota Cola
Boar Pepper Pear Fly Amanita Peaches Powdered Milk Spite
Pig Potato Plum Liberty Cap Sardines Rice Pipsi
Cow Pumpkin Oyster Mushroom Tactical Bacon Kvass
Chicken Zucchini Parasol Mushroom Tuna Water
Goat Penny Bun Spaghetti
Deer Red Pine Mushroom Strawberry Jam
Mouflon Wood Ear


So far, only meat and vegetables are able to spoil. The other foods should follow with later patches. The function for fruit and mushrooms is already integrated into the game but does not work yet. Dried food and drinks, on the other hand, will never spoil.

dayz fleisch verdorben

How long food lasts in DayZ: Depending on the method of preparation, you can keep the different raw foods for different lengths of time. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that raw food spoils the fastest.

That is followed by cooked, then baked and the longest-lasting dried foods. In detail, it looks like this in DayZ:

1. Preserving Meat in DayZ

Raw Cooked Baked Dried
Inventory 1,66 h 20 h 28 h 56 h
Storage 7 h 3 Days 4 Days 8 Days


2. Preserve Fruit, Vegetables & Mushrooms

Raw Cooked Baked Dried
Inventory 5 h 14 h 20 h Infinite
Storage 14 h 2 Days 3 Days Infinite


3. Canned Food Spoils…

Unopened Opened
Inventory Never 14 h
Storage Never 2 Days

Before your food is completely moldy, it begins to take on a different status. At three-quarters of the maximum shelf life reached, the food begins to change, at the latest you should eat it now.

dayz k├╝rbis verdorben

Eating Spoiled Food: Consequences and Treatment

What happens: if you are lucky, nothing will happen to you. Whether this is intended by the developer Bohemia Interactive or a bug is currently unclear. On the other hand, if luck isn’t on your side, you will get sick.

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Salmonella is the most harmless of the diseases. Here you just toss in one or more charcoal tablets and drink enough until you feel better.


For chemical poisoning, symptoms and treatment are the same. The only difference is how quickly you lose water and stomach contents. These values are many times higher in the case of poisoning than with salmonella. To make your immune system stronger, you can also swallow vitamin tablets.



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