Diablo 4: Ashava World Boss Guide - Location, Attacks, and More

Published: Mar. 19, 2023
Updated: Mar. 19, 2023

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Ashava is the first world boss you will face in Diablo 4. She is one of the strongest enemies you will find in the early-game stages. Thus, you must adjust your strategy and push your limits to take down Diablo 4 Ashava.

In this guide: you will learn everything about Ashava, the first World Boss in Diablo 4. We will teach you where you can find Ashava and discuss her abilities. After reading this guide, fighting against this boss will be much more straightforward. Let’s start!

Diablo 4: Ashava World Boss Location

As any other World Boss in Diablo 4, it can be found only in particular areas over the map. This dangerous behemoth can be found at the bottom right corner of Fractured Peaks, also known as The Crucible:

The spawn of the world boss is announced 30 minutes in advance and marked with a symbol on the map. Try your best to spend this time as wisely as you can. If possible, invite some friends to fight the boss together. It is recommended to be at least Level 22; Level 25+ would be smarter.

After the countdown passes, Ashava will spawn, and you need to start the fight. Here the exciting 15-minute event begins! 

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All Attacks of Ashava, the First World Boss in Diablo 4

Ashava has five powerful attack mechanics. Three of them can even one-shot you, while two others are secondary attacks that can only damage you if you are not careful. Check the list below to learn more about each Ashava’s ability:

  • Double Swipe: Ashava carves the ground and significantly damages all players in a wide range around Ashava. Double Swipe consists of two attacks. You can avoid this deadly attack by running toward Ashava.
  • Leap: Ashava jumps up, knocks you down, and starts dealing damage. It is one of the most deadly attacks that can instantly kill you, even if you have 90% HP.
  • Ground Pound: Ashava hits the ground from the front and back sides. Pay attention that it deals massive damage. You can avoid this attack if you start moving back during the animation. 
  • Acid Spit: Ashava spawns three large blobs of poisons on the ground. The effect lasts 20 seconds and deals slight damage to the hero.
  • Bite: Ashava tries to bite four times, dealing more damage with every bite. The last one has unique animation and deals the most damage. Still, it is a close-range attack that can be easily avoided.

Take into account that as you damage Ashava, she becomes more powerful. Therefore, try to be as careful as possible when the boss is nearly defeated. Otherwise, you might occasionally die by the end of the battle and loose equipment durability and, therefore, important damage toward the end.

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