Diablo 4: Aspects Explained - How to Find, Equip & Use Them Multiple Times

Published: Jun. 08, 2023
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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In Diablo 4, the endgame is all about optimizing your armor, weapons, and abilities, so here we'll explain where you can find aspects, which ones you should equip, and if you can't use an aspect more than once!

What are aspects anyway? Aspects in Diablo 4 are passive abilities that you can assign to a legendary piece of equipment. But you have to find the aspects first and the right combination is also important. We tell you in this guide:

  • Aspects, Symbols & Values explained
  • Where can I find aspects?
  • Can I select aspects more than once?
  • The best aspects for each class.

Aspects in Diablo 4 explained - What you need to know

Values of aspects: Aspects that you choose from the codex have different values. Even if you use the same aspect multiple times, the values can vary slightly. Diablo 4 kind of dices out numbers here. In one example, you can improve Twisting Blades and get a 10 to 20 percent increase in effect range. The range in which your bonus lies is shown as a gray number at the end of the aspect description.

Aspect categories: You cannot engrave every type of aspect on all equipment. Depending on which piece of armor or weapon you engrave an aspect on, it will give you additional bonuses (more on that in a moment). There are a total of five different categories that you can use on the following slots:

  • Offensive: weapons, gloves, chain, rings
  • Defensive: shield, helmet, breastplate, pants, chain
  • Resources: Rings
  • Utility: shield, helmet, breastplate, gloves, boots, chain
  • Mobility: chain, boots

Aspects to use correctly: As briefly touched upon in the previous paragraph, you can tease out even more bonuses from your aspects. Depending on which piece of equipment you put an aspect into, it can grant additional effectiveness:

  • All possible aspects in necklaces get 150% additional effectiveness.
  • Offensive aspects, get 150% additional effectiveness on necklaces.
  • Offensive aspects on two-handed weapons get 200% effectiveness.

In the codex you can see which items an aspect is designed for.

Where can you find or farm aspects in Diablo 4?

You can get aspects in Diablo 4 in two different ways. On the one hand, you can farm them yourself. You can also do without them and dismantle valuable equipment in return. However, this has a disadvantage. Here are the differences, of the two methods to get aspects:

  • Aspect farming for the Codex: By completing dungeons and missions you can get aspects as rewards. You can then either find the aspect in the crate at the end of a dungeon or get it as a mission reward after completing the quest.
  • Extracting Aspects: You can extract existing aspects from legendary weapons, jewelry, or armor at the occultist in any major city. This will cost you an average of around 12,000 gold per item. The item from which you extracted the aspect will be permanently destroyed.

Extracting aspects saves you time and effort. However, these aspects have the disadvantage that you can only use them once. If you unlock an aspect, you can use it again and again as long as you can afford it.

With the occultist, you can extract your aspects.

Can I use aspects multiple times in Diablo 4?

Once you have unlocked an aspect through your Codex, you can use that aspect over and over again. You can also engrave the aspect multiple times in different pieces of equipment at the same time. The values & effects are not multiplied. Instead, Diablo 4 selects the aspect and item whose value is highest here. All others are deactivated, so to speak. It is therefore not recommended to use an aspect more than once.

If you have removed an aspect from a legendary item, you can only use it once. So if you want to use the same aspect more than once on your equipment, you will have to extract it again or unlock it via reward.

More about Diablo 4

The best aspects for all classes in Diablo 4.

We made our selection based on characters from the Guided editorial team as well as from private fellow players. We only list the must-have aspects for each class to give you a rough orientation:

Best Aspects for the Hunter:

  • Edge Master - Bow (Two-Handed +200%): Deals 20% to 40% extra damage based on your primary ability.
  • Trickshot - Necklace (+150%): Whenever Trickshot hits an enemy, it creates two new arrows that fly left and right. If the additional arrows hit a target, they do 15 - 38% of the base damage of Trickshot.
  • Rapid - Weapon: Increases the attack speed of basic attacks by 15 - 30%.
  • Expectand - Weapon: Attacking an enemy with basic attacks increases the damage of your next core ability by 5 - 10%.

Best aspects for the Barbarian

  • Astral Force - Two-Handed Weapon (+200%): Ability Hammer of the Ancients deals 64 - 100% more damage.
  • Echoing Fury - Ring: ability Roar generates 2 to 4 rage per second while active.

Best Aspects for Wizards

  • Iceheart - Pants: Enemies that die while frozen have an 11 - 20% chance to trigger the effect of Frost Nova.
  • Shared Misery - Helmet: If you hit an enemy that is under the effect of Crowd Control, there is a 30-50% chance that this effect will spread to the surrounding enemies.
  • Frostbolt - Chest: Frost Nova gets an extra charge, but the cooldown is increased between 30 - 40%.

The best aspects for Necromancer

  • Decay - Necklace (+150%): Each time the Passive Shadowblight damages enemies, Shadowblight's next damage pulse is increased by 30 - 60%. This can be stacked a maximum of 5x times.
  • Blight - Ring: After Shadowblight deals damage to an enemy 10x times, you deal between 50% and 120% more damage for six seconds.
  • Blood-Soaked - Ring: Leaves a trail that persists for 4 seconds, dealing 197 to 262 damage to enemies standing in it.

The best aspects for Druids

  • Ursine Horror - Ring: Pulverize is now an earth ability. After using Pulverize, your Tectonic Spikes will continue to deal 816 to 1,166 damage for two seconds.
  • Shockwave - Two-Handed Weapon (+200%): Pulverize creates a shockwave that shoots forward, dealing 120 to 200% extra damage.
  • Retaliation - Necklace (+150%): Your Core abilities inflict 30% to 60% more damage based on the stack of the Fortify ability.

Any questions? Still have questions about our choice of must-have aspects or the rest of the guide? Drop us a comment or visit us on Discord, we always have an open ear (via linktr.ee).

The interest in digging deep into the gaming industry stems from the DayZ Mod for Arma 2 in 2012. Kevin started working in the gaming industry in 2016. First as a trainee at Survivethis, the biggest German Survival-Games-Site at that time. Only half a year later, he got accepted at Gamestar and later MeinMMO. Now, on Guided.news he implements all his Knowledge to deliver comprehensive news, guides, interviews and more unique topics.
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