Diablo 4: Local Events Explained - Locations, Rewards and More

Published: Jun. 01, 2023
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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Anyone who moves attentively through the world of Sanctuary in Diablo 4 will sooner or later come across local events. These are special events through which you receive special currency.

What is going on? In Diablo 4, local events take place all over the game world. Whoever completes these events receives the currency Obols. Our guide explains what the events are all about and how you can get the currency.

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Local Events in Diablo 4 – What you Need to Know

What are local events in Diablo 4? During the leveling phase and later in the endgame, orange circles keep appearing on the map. These circles mark local events' locations and can occur outdoors and indoors.

What rewards are there for the local events? In addition to the traditional loot that enemies can drop during events, you will receive the special currency Obols. Whether you complete only the main event or the event's championship objectives, you will receive a correspondingly larger amount of Obols.

You can use Obols at the Curiosity Trader to participate in the equipment lottery. You buy non-identified items of a certain slot. How exactly these works is explained in a separate guide.

You will also receive additional gold and experience points and equipment, gems, and crafting materials for completing the event's main objectives. So it's worth completing the events.

All Local Events at a Glance

In Diablo 4, there are a total of 8 local outdoor events and four special zone events.

Local Events in Outdoor Areas

  • Obelisk of the Ancients: Enter the area and click on the obelisk.
    • Objective: Stand on the pressure plates to saturate them.
    • Championship Goal: Saturate the plates within the time limit of 2 minutes.
    • As soon as you start the event, monsters will appear. Kill them while standing on the plates. When all the plates are saturated, an elite enemy will appear. Defeat him to complete the event.
  • Besieged Caravan: Enter the area and kill the enemies around the caravan before talking to the survivors.
    • Objective: Survive the ambush.
    • Mastery Objective: Ensure that all survivors continue to survive.
  • Battle Altar: Enter the area and interact with the altar.
    • Objective: Survive the attack.
    • Mastery Goal: Collect 30 souls from the enemies in one minute.
  • Cursed Hatchery: Enter the area and search the cocoons for surviving villagers.
    • Objective: Protect the villagers (3 survivors).
    • Championship Objective: Make sure all villagers survive.
  • Desecrated Ground: Enter the area and kill the channelers to interrupt the ritual.
    • Objective: Survive the attack.
    • Mastery Goal: Destroy the construct.
  • Slaughter the Insatiable: Enter the area and kill the possessed enemy approaching the Devourer of Souls.
    • Objective: Survive the ritual.
    • Mastery Goal: Prevent the demon from gathering more souls (remaining victims: 3).
  • Wave of Darkness: Enter the area and kill all the monsters.
    • Objective: Defeat the waves of enemies.
    • Mastery Goal: Defeat five waves in one minute.
  • Stubborn Soul: Enter the area and kill all the enemies, then talk to the Stubborn Soul.
    • Objective: Accompany the Stubborn Soul.
    • Mastery Goal: Escort the Stubborn Soul to its beloved before time runs out.
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Special Local Events

  • Eradicate Evil: Enter the area and kill all enemies.
    • Objective: Defeat the elite opponent.
    • Championship Goal: There are 60 seconds left on the timer.
  • Assert yourself: Enter the area and talk to the adventurer.
    • Objective: Defeat five attack waves.
    • Mastery Goal: Protect the adventurer.
  • Liberation: Enter the area.
    • Objective: Free the prisoners.
    • Mastery Goal: Defeat the elite enemy while there are 60 seconds left on the timer.
  • Destroy the pictures: Enter the area and destroy the three structures.
    • Objective: Defeat the elite opponent.
    • Championship Objective: With 60 seconds left on the timer.

So all these local events consist primarily of eradicating numerous monsters as quickly as possible. Sometimes you also have to protect allies. However, the events all run according to the same principle, so you should have no difficulty completing at least the main objectives.

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