Hunt Showdown: All Monster Enemy Types in the Bayou & How to Fight Them

Published: Jun. 01, 2023
Updated: Jun. 15, 2023

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In this guide, we'll show you everything you need to know about all the monsters/mobs in Hunt Showdown. From their abilities to the easiest methods to get rid of them.

Guide at a glance: In this guide to Hunt Showdown, we'll show you all the important info about the monsters in the Bayou. This includes:

  • Grunts
  • Armored
  • Meathead
  • Hives
  • Hellhounds
  • Waterdevil
  • Immolator

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All monsters in Hunt Showdown - weaknesses, strengths and behavior

1. grunts

Grunts are the most widespread monsters in the swampy farmland. Alone they don't pose any danger, but in a crowd, they can be dangerous. The danger comes not from the damage they do, but from the attention they draw to you.

The Grunts are almost completely blind, so they won't spot you until you're 10 meters away. Otherwise, they just run blindly -- haha -- towards sounds and look around there. By the way, there are different variants of Grunts.

  • Grunts without weapons - Normal weak damage
  • Grunts armed with knives - You suffer bleeding when hit
  • Torch-bearing Grunts - They cause fire damage
  • Doctors - These drop a first aid kit when you kill them.

The last two variants cause more damage than the one without a weapon. Grunts armed with knives can additionally cause bleeding. The ones carrying a torch can set you on fire. They also have no immunities and can be killed with any form of damage. In general, they can't take too much damage.

Hunt: Showdown Grunt

2. Armored

Appearance: The Armored are infected humans who sprout bony, wood-like outgrowths from their bodies. It is not known whether they -- like the Grunts -- are blind or can see. However, they orient themselves primarily by sound. There are two different Armored.

  • Normal Armored - Slow, heavily armored, medium-high damage.
  • Barbed Wire Armored - Has the same abilities as a Normal, but is wrapped in barbed wire that causes damage as well as bleeding when touched.

Combat: The Armored are good to work on with a regular knife, because with three heavy blows the club-footed heavyweights already fall down. After that, however, you usually have hardly any combat stamina left. So you can't kill more than one Armored this way. They only hit with one arm, but they do twice the damage to a Grunt.Hunt: Showdown Armored

3. meathead

Appearance: The Meatheads have no background in lore. They are the strongest enemies you can encounter in the bayou. Since they have no head, they can neither see nor hear the player.

They make up for this disadvantage with the help of worms that act as alarms, poisoning you if you get too close. You will most often encounter this large meathead near clues, as they guard them.

Combat: The Meathead can withstand some damage. Compact Ammo (small caliber ammo) merely tickles the Meathead. With medium and large ammo, you still need a lot of hits. Shotgun and Nitro Express ammo are the most effective. Two to four shots are enough with these. The Meatheads drain you of about 60 HP per hit.

Hunt: Showdown Meathead

4. hive/witch


Appearance: Whoever becomes a hive or a witch suffers probably the most painful death. After infection, the entire chest cracks open and a swarm of poisonous insects pour out. These insects cause poisonous damage.

Hives often move in large open areas and near settlements. They react to the player at a medium distance - crouched at a surprisingly short distance since patch 2.1.

Combat: While attacking, Hives often remain in the same spot from which they launched their attack. A dark green haze settles on the player camera and the view blurs. This makes it more difficult to hit the Hive. After two to three shots to the body or a single bullet to the head, the Hive dies.

Hunt: Showdown Hive

5. hell hounds

Appearance: They stay almost exclusively on roads and in packs. The only exception to this are clues to the Boss. Similar to the Meathead, they seem to guard them. However, Hell Hounds usually block entrances and exits to the area where the clue is located. They also have another form of appearance:

Normal Hellhound - flesh and bones exposed.
Armored Hellhound - they have a kind of metal helmet that blocks bullets and attacks.

Combat: They should be avoided as a matter of urgency, as they deal 70 damage per attack. With maximum health (HP for short) of 200, this quickly ends fatally. The dogs are attracted already from a great distance. They see well, and hear even better. When they perceive a sound, they slowly creep towards it. This can cause nearby packs to attack seemingly out of nowhere.


6. Water Devil

Appearance: The Water Devil are bound to the swampy waters on the game map. It is not clear if this is one creature or a swarm of worms.

Combat: The Water Devil deals 40-50 damage per attack, and five additional damage per second. You can also sustain a bleeding wound. They do not patrol the water. They wait for Hunter to approach, then strike by surprise. Once they have spotted their prey, they shoot through the water at extreme speed.

Water Devil's cannot be killed! But if you defeat them, they will dive for a while. A little later they will reappear. You can sprint next to them through narrow rivers, because it takes a while for them to react to you.

Hunt showdown water devil_1

The Water Devil sneaks through the water in search of prey.

7. Immolator

Appearance: The Immolator are burning zombies that you can find almost everywhere. You can recognize them by their skin, which seems to consist only of embers.

Combat: An Immolator should never be attacked with knives or firearms. The latter at least not at short distances. Because as soon as its glowing skin is damaged, it explodes and becomes more aggressive than before. You should therefore attack the hothead with blunt weapons or the shoulder rest of your weapon.


More about Hunt Showdown

Monsters in Hunt Showdown - Lore background & history on the critters.

Behind the Scenes: Hunt Showdown can rely not only on Crytek's usual good shooter gameplay and stealth mechanics but likewise on an ambitious background story. The game's lore also explains the origin of the grotesque monsters.

In Louisiana, the game's setting, people lived the simple life of farmers and cattle herders. However, due to the ,,Louisiana Incident" in the second half of the 19th century, this changed completely.

While demons and connections to hell are often mentioned in connection with the events in the bayou, the official lore book of Hunt Showdown mentions an epidemic - probably a mixture of both.

This epidemic caused people to turn into various monsters. The most common are the "grunts". These resemble the familiar image of zombies in every way. They come in different forms.

Some wear grids and cages on their heads due to the measures taken to contain the plague. Others carry weapons or torches. This is because residents were infected while carrying these very items in their hands.


In some cases, people were transformed into witches (Hives), or other monsters, such as Armored or Meathead. Even rarer are transformations into a spider (Spider Boss) or a butcher (Butcher Boss). Only one case of each is known.

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