Disney Dreamlight Valley: Feeding Animals with Their Favorite Food

Published: Nov. 29, 2022
Updated: Jul. 25, 2023

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Feeding animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley with their favorite food can bring you a big advantage, because you can make friends with them. However, it's not always easy to approach the shy little creatures without scaring them away.

In our guide, we'll show you how and with what you should feed the small animals you meet along the way. Because making friends with the little guys can really pay off.

Feeding animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll encounter a total of seven different types of animals that you can feed and befriend. This is worth it, because by befriending the animals you can unlock them as companions on the one hand, and on the other hand they grant you different bonuses and can also drop rewards.

To make friends with the animals, you'll have to feed them. It should be noted that each animal in Disney Dreamlight Valley has different preferences and also its favorite food. Be sure to find out what your pet likes to eat before feeding it because once you feed it, it will take several hours before you can feed it again.

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The favorite foods of the animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The favorite food of raccoons: Blueberries

There are different types of raccoons in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but they all have the same favorite food: Blueberries. A hungry raccoon will watch you from a distance and follow you. Eventually, the raccoon will relax and sit down. This is the time for you to approach the animal. However, stop immediately when the raccoon sits back up. If you want a raccoon as a companion, it is best to go to the Forest of Valor.

racoon-favourite food disney dreamlight valley

The favorite food of the raccoons is blueberries.

The favorite food of Squirrels: Peanuts

Squirrels are the easiest animals to feed in the game. The little fluffers are trusting and usually come to you on their own, so you can just give them the nuts. The best place to find squirrels is in the main square.

The favorite food of Rabbits: Carrots

To make friends with rabbits, you first need to play with them. The little hopping rabbits will run away from you three or four times. Follow them until the game display asks you to approach them. Now you can give them the carrots. You are most likely to find rabbits in the peaceful meadow.

The favorite food of the sea turtle: Seaweed

Patience is needed with the cozy turtles that you will encounter, especially on Dazzle Beach. As you approach them, they will initially retreat into their shells. Stay near them until they get used to you so you can feed them.

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The favorite food of the crocodile: lobster

Patience is also necessary with this aquatic animal. As soon as the crocodile raises its head and looks up, you must stop to avoid scaring it away. If it lowers its head again, you can continue to slowly approach it to feed it the lobster. You will find most crocodiles in the Glade of Trust.

The favorite food of the sunbirds: various flowers

Depending on the type of bird, their favorite food varies. But no matter which sunbird you're looking for, you can find them all on the Sunlit Plateau. However, tact is needed here, because the shy birds are quickly startled and fly away. These are the favorite foods of the sunbirds:

  • Golden Sunbird: Sunflower (Found on Iridescent Beach)
  • Orchid Sunbird: Orange Houseleek (Found on Sunny Plain)
  • Emerald Sunbird: Green Passion Lily (Found in Frosted Heights)
  • Turquoise Sunbird: Pink Houseleek (Location: Sunny Plains)
  • Red Sunbird: Red Bromeliad (Location: Sunny Plains)

The favorite food of the Fox: White Sturgeon

The fox will also stare at you from a safe distance to signal that he is hungry. He will run away two or three times before you can feed him white sturgeon. You can find a fox especially well in Frosted Heights.

Foxes are living in Frosted Heights.

The favorite food of the raven: unknown

Ravens seem to be the only animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley that you can't feed. If you do want to try, you can find the birds in the Forgotten Land.

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