Disney Dreamlight Valley: Gaston's "Diamond in the Rough" - Storyquest [Quest Guide]

Published: Dec. 13, 2023
Updated: Dec. 13, 2023

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In the Disney Dreamlight Valley add-on, “A Rift in Time,” you engage in a story quest where you are led by Jafar, the antagonist from Aladdin. Along the way, you'll encounter Rapunzel and Gaston, who you may remember as the self-absorbed villain from “Beauty and the Beast.” With Gaston, you'll undertake the "The Diamond in the Rough" quest, which will progress the narrative.

In our guide, you'll discover the following:

  • How to initiate Gaston's “Diamond in the Rough” quest, which involves completing a mission for Jafar.
  • Step-by-step solutions to the two puzzles in Jafar's Cave of Wonders.
  • The process of obtaining the Jewel of Time for Jafar.

How to Start the “Diamond in the Rough” - Quest

The quest will trigger automatically once you possess both halves of the scarab beetle and have a conversation with Jafar at a hologram station. Afterward, visit Gaston, who will reassemble the two scarab beetle parts. The scarab will then come to life and guide you to the cave's location, where it will emerge from the sand in the form of a tiger's head.

Inform Gaston now, that he cannot enter the cave, and you have to do this alone. Then, enter the cave and speak with Jafar at the hologram station for further information.

How to Solve the 2 Puzzle Caves in Jafar's Cave of Wonders

To open the barriers in Jafar's Cave of Wonders, you must solve the light puzzles by aligning the red beams with the designated points on the left and right sides of the door frame. Solving these puzzles is essential to progress further into Jafar's cave and to reach the Jewel of Time.

Puzzle Cave No. 1 - Solution

Walk along the left edge of the cave's path, which is obstructed by crystals that you need to destroy. At the end of this path, you will come across a green item box surrounded by large boulders. Additionally, there will be a glowing item on the floor and a device nearby. To break the large boulders, make sure your watering can has received the appropriate upgrade. On the right side of the chest and the boulders, you will find a glowing power coil. Pick up the power coil and interact with the device situated behind it to place the coil inside.


Set the power coil into the device.

Now, return to the path leading to the center of the room, where you'll find a device and a lever. Use the lever to align the red beam of light with its target on the door frame. This action will cause the barrier to disappear, granting you access to explore further into the Cave of Wonders.


Use the lever.

Puzzle Cave No. 2 -  Full Solution

In the second puzzle, your objective is to activate both light barriers to remove the barrier, that is blocking the way, within the door frame. However, before proceeding, it's a good idea to retrieve the green item box. You can find it by following the golden path on the left side of the second cave. This path will lead you through a narrow passage between more gold until you reach a spot where you'll discover the green box.


Find the green item box.

How to Activate the First Light Barrier

Next to the door frame, you will find stairs on both sides. Start by taking the left set of stairs and proceed down the corridor. Stay on the left side as you continue until you encounter crystals blocking the path leading to a mirror. Destroy the crystals, gather the mirror, and then retrace your steps along the path leading in the opposite direction.


Collect the mirror.

Activate the lever that you are approaching directly ahead of you. Afterward, turn around, clear the crystals obstructing the path, and proceed to the next lever, which you also activate. Now, backtrack along the path until you're just before the stairs where the beam of light hits the wall. Interact with the wall where the beam made contact and position the mirror there.

If you return to the large cave where the second puzzle began, you only need to activate the lever that you are approaching to activate the first light barrier.


Use the lever.

How to Activate the Second light Barrier

Now, ascend the stairs on the right-hand side of the door frame, which will lead you to a room with an uncharged coil in the center. Your goal here is to establish the energy flow in a way that fully charges the coil in the middle, reaching 100%.

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On the discs that you can rotate using the action button, you will see two lines that simulate the pipe through which energy can flow. Rotate these discs so that the open ends connect on both sides, allowing the energy to flow. In the end, the energy should fully charge the power coil and allow you to collect it.

The solution in pictures:


Exit the room, head down the stairs, and turn left twice to locate the device where you should insert the now-charged power coil. Inserting the power coil will produce the light beam, which activates the second light barrier, subsequently deactivating the barrier within the door frame. This allows you to proceed into the next cave.


Get the Jewel of Time

Proceed through the wonder cave's corridor until you reach its end. Just before the large staircase, turn right to discover another green item chest, which is surrounded by two large plants. You can eliminate the plants by upgrading your watering can and then using it to water the plants.

Climb the large staircase to reach the top, where you will find a statue holding the Jewel of Time. Collect the jewel, leave the cave, and then have a concluding conversation with Gaston to successfully complete this quest. As a reward, Gaston will also present you with his Coconut LeFou.


Collect the Jewel of Time.

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