Disney Dreamlight Valley: Mirabel's Last Quest “A Feast of Friendship”

Published: Mar. 20, 2023
Updated: Jul. 21, 2023

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Once you reach friendship level 10 with Mirabel, in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can start her final quest “A Feast of Friendship”.

This is what the quest is about: Mirabel finds a strange torn cloth in her mini-casita and asks you to investigate it.

The Forgotten Friendship in Dreamlight Valley

Talk to Mirabel to start her last quest. Mirabel tells you that she found a strange torn cloth in her mini-casita. She asks you to examine the cloth, which you can do directly from your inventory. Upon examining it, a memory opens up, captured with a picture of Mirabel, Anna, Elsa, and Vaiana sitting together at the table on the dazzling beach. This means that they were friends before the oblivion started.

Elsa, Mirabel, Vaiana and Anna

Search the Beach for Clues About the Table of the Madrigals

Mirabel gives you the task of searching the beach for clues regarding the table. In total, there are four parts of the table that you have to find.

You will find the first part of the table opposite the path that connects the peaceful meadow and the dazzling beach.

The second part of the table is located near the boat of Vaiana and the fountain.

You can find the third table piece right next to the fountain on the dazzling beach.

The fourth and last table part is located on the other of the beach, next to the banana tree.

Repairing the Table

Talk with Vaiana and Anna about the table. Then you divide the tasks among the three of you to repair the table to please Mirabel: You take charge of cooking the dishes that will be served for dinner at the celebration; Vaiana makes an old sail into a new tablecloth and Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff repair the table.

The dishes you have to cook are:

For each dish above, you will receive a recipe.

For more quest and recipe guides and help, check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley guide overview.

Wait Until Everyone Has Finished Their Tasks

Now, unfortunately, you have to wait for everyone to finish their tasks until you can continue the quest.

  • Vaiana needs about 9 hours to finish her task.
  • Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff, on the other hand, will take about 11 days.
We found this out with the help of rough time jumps.

Once the others are done with their task, you'll bring the dishes you've prepared to Anna and in return, you'll receive the Modrigals' table with chairs. Next, you'll have to talk to Mirabel, who will ask you to set up the table near her mini-casita. In addition, you should dress casually and nicely. After that, the Feast of Friendship will take place, you talk to Mirabel one last time and finish her last quest.If you have any questions or comments about the guide, feel free to leave a comment or send us a message on the social media channels and Discord (via Linktr.ee).

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