Disney Dreamlight Valley: Mirabel's “Mirabel Interferes”-Quest

Published: Mar. 20, 2023
Updated: Jul. 21, 2023

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After reaching friendship level 7 with Mirabel in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Mirabel's penultimate quest is unlocked: “Mirabel Interferes”.

This is what Mirabel's quest is about: Mirabel wanted to end the ongoing fight between Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck, which unfortunately totally backfired. She asks for your help to resolve the situation.

“Mirabel Interferes” Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After you have unlocked the quest, talk to Mirabel to get it started. Mirabel tells you about how she tried to mediate between Donald and Scrooge McDuck to end the ongoing dispute. The action totally backfired, which is why you're supposed to talk to the two of them.

From the conversations with Scrooge and Donald Duck, it appears that the two perceived the situation differently. What is certain, however, is that Scrooge McDuck's cash register key was lost in the Forest of Valor. Scrooge says a raccoon took the key, and Donald claims it was a monster.

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Mirabel's Quest: The Search for the Cash Register Key

After talking to the two brawlers, you return to Mirabel and tell her what you were told. After that, your next task is to find the cash register key in the Forest of Valor and also feed two raccoons that live there.

Find the Key Here

Scrooge's cash register key is located almost right next to Anna and Kristoff's house. Even though the key is buried, a part of it sticks out, making it easy to see that you need to dig here.

Dreamlight Valley: Gifts as an Apology

After you have fed the raccoons and recovered the cash register key, you bring it back to Scrooge McDuck. Mirabel has another idea of how she can apologize to the two of them and at the same time bring them closer again: a picture frame with a photo that only brings back good memories.

While Mirabel picks out the right photo, it's your job to make the shell frame and also bake the red fruit cake after the recipe you received from Mirabel.

For the shell frame, gather the following materials, so you can craft it on a workbench:

  • 8x Glass
  • 10x Softwood
  • 5x Shell (the pink one)
  • 5x Scallop (the light blue one)


The shell frame is made on a workbench.

To prepare the red fruit cake, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1x Wheat
  • 1x Butter
  • 1x Fruit of your choice

If you finished both of your tasks, take the cake and the frame to Mirabel. Afterward, listen to Mirabel apologize to Scrooge and talk to her to complete the quest.

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