Disney Dreamlight Valley: Royal Tea, Ice Tea and Latte [Recipe & Ingredients Guide]

Published: Dec. 18, 2023
Updated: Dec. 18, 2023

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In the new recipe collection of the “A Rift in Time” add-on for Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can discover three different types of tea among the appetizers: royal tea, royal iced tea, and royal latte. In this guide, we'll show you how to make these drinks.

What this guide includes:

  • The recipes and ingredients for each drink.
    • How to get the ingredients and where to find them.
  • The values of the completed drinks.
  • Why you should cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley and all the benefits you will get.

Royal Tea, Ice Tea and Latte: Recipes and Ingredients

The Royal tea is a 1-star beverage that you can change into royal iced tea or a royal latte by adding one additional ingredient.

The one ingredient of the royal tea:

  • 1x Majestea
Royal Tea Recipe Disney Dreamlight Valley

Royal Tea

Royal Ice Tea

  • 1x Majestea
  • 1x Slush Ice

Royal Ice Tea Disney Dreamlight Valley


Royal Latte

  • 1x Majestea
  • 1x Milk

Royal Latte recipe disney dreamlight valley


How to get the Ingredients:

Majestea: You can farm Majesteas in the Ruins and at the Overlook, where you can pick them like spices. You can recognize these plants by their size and blue color. The selling price for a Majestea specimen is 30 coins, and it provides +105 energy.

Slush Ice and Milk: You can buy milk and slush ice at Remy's shop, which is located inside his restaurant. Milk is available for 230 coins, and slush ice can be purchased for 150 coins. You can expect an energy boost of +345 from the milk and +225 from the slush ice.

You can find more recipe guides sorted by star rating as well as by appetizer, main course, or dessert in our Disney Dreamlight Valley guide overview.

Values of the Prepared Royal Tea, Ice Tea, and Latte

The basic recipe with just one ingredient, the royal tea, has the following values after being prepared:

  • Value in Coins: 36
  • Energy Value: +218

By adding another ingredient, these values change depending on which recipe you've chosen:

Royal Ice Tea:

  • Value in Coins: 234
  • Energy Value: +610
Royal Latte:

  • Value in Coins: 338
  • Energy Value: +814

Why Cooking is Necessary in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To be able to progress in the story of the game, you'll need to engage in cooking one or more recipes eventually. However, we'll tell you why you should start cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley earlier rather than later.

Kochen in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cooking for friendship: Every resident has three special gifts that can significantly boost the friendship level, that you have with them, more quickly. There's a good chance that one or even two of these gifts could be dishes. In addition to these three gifts, 5-star dishes themselves also level up the friendship faster. Furthermore, preparing and delivering the food that is ordered by residents at Remy's restaurant is another way to increase the friendship level.

Cooking for energy: The tasks and activities you can do in Disney Dreamlight Valley will consume your energy, which you can easily restore by consuming dishes. Moreover, only dishes provide you with extra energy that goes beyond your blue energy bar, turning it gold. You can use this extra energy to enable surfing, which in turn speeds up your movement around the village.

Cooking for coins: Once you've cooked a recipe and got the dish in your inventory, you can check its value. Each dish has its own unique worth, determined by the ingredients you used and the cooking process itself. By selling these prepared dishes at Goofy's stalls, you have the opportunity to earn some extra coins.

Cooking for feeding animals: In Disney Dreamlight Valley, some animals don't want to be fed with simple ingredients but with cooked dishes instead. This includes the monkeys you obtained with the “A Rift in Time” update, as well as the ravens from the Forgotten Lands, you find in the main game.

Cooking for quests and star paths: Certain dishes, which recipes you either received in advance or during a quest, are required for quests or tasks belonging to the Star Path. In the Star Path, tasks will often ask you to prepare specific dishes, either by certain requirements or by simply asking for dishes with a certain number of stars.

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