Enshrouded: Bridge Construction Report, How to Find the Carpenter's Treasure [Quest-Guide]

Published: Jan. 30, 2024
Updated: Jan. 30, 2024

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The side quest 'Bridge Construction Report,' which is the focus of this Enshrouded Quest Guide, is given to you by the carpenter. In this quest, you have to find the treasure, which was hidden by the carpenter as his signature, in the middle pillar of the Braelyn Bridge.

What you can expect in this guide:

  • How to unlock and begin the quest from the carpenter.
  • Discover the carpenter's treasure on Braelyn Bridge.
  • You can also find two more hidden chests on the bridge.

How to Get and Begin the 'Bridge Construction Report' Quest

In order to receive this quest, you first need to find the carpenter and place him inside your base. Once you've accomplished that, he will provide you with the Bridge Construction Report Quest, which you can initiate at any time through your diary.

Location of the Carpenter's Treasure Enshrouded

Head to the Braelyn Bridge, which you may already be familiar with from other quests or have crossed previously. Proceed to the location indicated by the quest. Here, your task is to clear away the debris. However, there's an issue because you won't find a treasure in the bridge's middle pillar at this height. Instead, you have to glide down from the middle pillar to the ground, into the Miasma!

Enshrouded: Braelyn-Brücke - Standort

Location of the Braelyn Bridge in Enshrouded

On one side of the pillar, you'll discover a substantial pile of debris that needs to be cleared. Behind this debris and a bit further inside, you will come across a room containing a chest, which is the carpenter's treasure. Open it and collect the contents of the chest to finish the quest.

Additional Chests You Can Find on the Braelyn Bridge

While I was exploring the entire bridge before discovering the carpenter's treasure on the ground within the Miasma, I came across two chests that I had previously overlooked. I'd like to share how you can find these too.

Chest 1: Middle Pillar of the Braelyn Bridge

You can indeed locate a treasure chest near the middle pillar of the Braelyn Bridge. To find this chest, simply walk along the bridge until you reach a wooden beam with another level beneath it. Look down and to the right, and you'll spot the chest resting on a wooden ledge. All you need to do now is jump down to reach it.

Enshrouded: Versteckte Truhen der Braelyn-Brücke (1/2)

Find the first chest at the middle pillar of the Braelyn Bridge.

Chest 2: End of the Braelyn Bridge

You'll come across the second chest near the end of the Braelyn Bridge. Walk along the bridge until you reach the point where it's broken, and you can spot a climbing device on the other side. If you jump down to the wooden levels from there, you'll find the second chest on the last level, on the left side.

Enshrouded: Versteckte Truhen der Braelyn-Brücke (2/2)

You will find the second chest at the end of the Braelyn Bridge.

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