Enshrouded: Upgrade Your Backpack for More Space

Published: Jan. 30, 2024
Updated: Jan. 30, 2024

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Keen Gaming's new survival hit already offers a lot of content and fun in Early Access. In Enshrouded, there is so much to discover that you will feel the urge to expand your backpack very early on in the game to unlock more inventory slots. This guide will help you.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to craft backpacks in different sizes.
  • What requirements you need to fulfill.
  • Other ways to store items and resources.

Enshrouded: Upgrade Your Backpack and Unlock More Inventory Slots

Throughout the game, you have three crafting options for backpacks:

  • The small backpack
  • The medium backpack
  • The large backpack

To craft these backpacks, you must first free the huntress and summon her to your camp. Make sure that you summon the huntress inside a house, to have access to all crafting options. Once this is done, use her to make the Drying Rack for 10x logs and 6x string. With this production workshop, you can produce “Dried Fur”, which you need to craft your backpacks. To do this, place Salt and Animal Fur in the Drying Rack (you need 1x Animal Fur and 3x Salt for 1x Dried Fur). As soon as you have produced the first Dried Fur, you must remove it from the Drying Rack and place it in your inventory.

Small Backpack

The crafting recipe for the small rucksack is unlocked by shifting Dried Fur for the first time. You can now approach the huntress and craft the small backpack for 3x Torn Cloth, 5x String, and 4x Dried Fur. This backpack gives you eight additional slots for your backpack.

Enshrouded small backpack

You gain 8 additional Slots with the small backpack.

Medium Backpack

To craft the medium backpack, you need to be able to craft Linen. To do this, you first require Flax. The easiest option is to grow the Flax yourself. In total, the medium-sized backpack requires 6x Linen and 6x Dried Fur. This improved version of the backpack provides you with 16 additional slots.

Enshrouded medium Backpack

The medium backpack offers you 16 more item slots.

Large Backpack

There is also a third variant, the large backpack. This unlocks 24 new item slots and is the largest version of the backpack. We have not yet found the crafting recipe for the large backpack ourselves, but we will update this article as soon as possible. Or perhaps you have already unlocked the large backpack yourself? Then let us know in the comments.

Another Storage Option in Enshrouded are Chests

If you are like us and have not yet unlocked the large backpack, there are other ways to store your surplus resources and items in Enshrouded. You can craft chests in various sizes under the Storage tab on your workbench. At the start of your journey (after freeing the blacksmith), only the two smallest types of chests are available to you:

  • Tiny chest: It provides 16 free slots and requires 3x String and 6x Branch.
  • Small chest: This provides 24 free slots and requires 6x Nail and 6x Wooden Logs.

Other chests are added later in the game.

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Markus has been part of our Guided.news team since June 2022 and writes about many topics as a dedicated gamer. But he is especially fond of Path of Exile and other ARPGs.
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