Enshrouded: Hidden Building Blocks, How to find them [Quest-Guide]

Published: Jan. 30, 2024
Updated: Jan. 30, 2024

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In addition to the main tasks you have to complete in Enshrouded, you also have the chance to discover side tasks, like the 'Hidden Building Blocks' quest, which allows you to unlock a new type of roof. We'll show you how to complete the quest and what challenges it presents in this guide.

What this guide will show you:

  • You unlock the quest in Woodgard by reading a letter, and then you need to find hidden building blocks.
  • The building blocks for the quest can be found in the clock tower, which the quest marker doesn't accurately indicate.

How to Find and Start die “Hidden Building Blocks”-Quest in Enshrouded

You can find the quest in Woodgard, which is located in the northwest of the place where you should have built your first base. To get there, you'll need to pass through the Miasma. When you arrive, be aware that you'll encounter enemies that are at least level 3. Near Woodgard, you will find a farm where you can discover valuable loot and vegetables, such as tomatoes.

Enshrouded: Woodgard

Where you can find Woodgard in Enshrouded.

How to Unlock the “Hidden Building Blocks”-Quest

You unlock the 'Hidden Building Blocks' Quest by finding and reading a letter. Start by positioning yourself in front of the church, where you can also find a save point. Follow the path that leads to the right from the front of the church into the Miasma. On the left side of this path, at the beginning of the Miasma, you'll find a building with its entrance blocked by wooden planks.

Remove the wooden planks and enter the small room through the entrance. Inside, you'll find a red-glowing letter on a table in front of a window that you have to read to unlock this quest. Press 'J' to start the quest if it hasn't started automatically. Your task now is to find the blocks that were intended for repairing the church's roof.

Enshrouded Hidden Building Blocks Quest Start

Read the letter on the table to get the quest.

Finish the “Hidden Building Blocks”- Quest Successfully

While solving this quest, you may come across the following issue: The position indicated by the quest marker is shown down in the Miasma, where you won't be able to find any blocks. This is due to a bug, as the blocks are actually in an entirely different location, specifically in the clock tower, which is the highest point of the church.

Where to Find the Blocks in the Clock Tower

To reach the clock tower, go back to the church. In the center of the church's roof, you'll find a wooden beam, on which you can use your hook to pull yourself up. From there, use the hook again to reach the next level, which leads you into the church's attic. Follow the path into the tower and climb the ladders until you reach the highest point of the tower.

On the highest point, you'll find a silver chest, which contains the blocks you were searching for. By opening the chest, you will complete this quest. The blocks you've found will enable you to craft a new type of roof (Stone Shingle Roof) and use it to build your base.

Enshrouded Hidden Building Blocks Stone Shingle Roof Block

You can now craft Stone Shingle Roof Blocks on your workbench.

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