Enshrouded: How to Get Copper Ore and Craft Copper Bars

Published: Feb. 04, 2024
Updated: Feb. 06, 2024

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Copper is one of the most sought-after resources in the early and mid-game, and you'll need a lot of it to craft weapons and armor. We've also experienced a lack of this resource, but we've found a great solution and will share with you how to get and use Copper in Enshrouded.

Content of the guide: Next, you will learn how to quickly and efficiently obtain Copper and what it is used for.

  • You can find Copper Ore in the World, but the best spot is the Carpentry Camp.
  • You can craft Copper Bars at the Smelter with Copper Ore and Coal.
  • Over 20 Recipes require Copper.

Enshrouded: How to Find Copper Ore

Enshrouded Copper

Here, you can see how Copper looks in the game.

Similar to most other resources in the game, to get Copper, you'll need to go searching for the appropriate veins. Copper veins are orange in color with a slight tinge of blue-green. In general, you can sometimes find them around the world, but we've found two locations where you can mine enough Copper to last you until the end of the game.

Before we tell you about them, let's talk about preparing for the journey because it will be quite dangerous. Both locations are not far from the Revelwood Ancient Spire, and if you didn't know, there is a deadly red shroud around. To get rid of it, you will need to reach at least Flame level 3. After that, be sure to take care of your equipment. You will need a pickaxe; fortunately, it doesn't matter what kind so you can craft the most primitive one, here's the recipe:

  • Stone x1
  • String x1
  • Twigs x4

In addition, one of the locations contains quite a few dangerous enemies, so we recommend equipping yourself with good weapons and armor, depending on the class you prefer to play.

Enshrouded Revelwood Ancient Spire

Carpentry Camp where you can find gigantic deposits of Copper.

So when you're ready, head over to Revelwood Ancient Spire and follow the signs shown in the screenshot above. The location marked with a cross is the Carpentry Camp. Here you can find gigantic deposits of Copper and even Clay. However, there is not as much of it as at the next location, namely Sameth Mine. Here you will find not only huge deposits of Copper, but also plenty of dangerous enemies, that's why we recommend above to bring weapons and armor. Nevertheless, risking your own life, you can mine as much of this resource as you want, and if this is not enough, just restart the game to respawn veins.

Crafting Copper Bars and All Copper Recipes in Enshrouded

As mentioned earlier, copper is primarily used for crafting weapons and armor, but there are also other important recipes that require copper.

However, for everything, you will need copper bars and not just the raw ore. Copper ore obtained by mining in a vein is only used for two things: crafting copper bars and upgrading your Forge to level 4. To craft a copper bar, you need to put the following resources into the smelter:

  • 20x Coal
  • 20x Copper ore

After five minutes, you can take out 10 copper bars.

Here is a complete list of items and structures for which you need copper for construction, crafting, or upgrading:

  • Adventurer Boots
  • Adventurer Chest
  • Adventurer Gloves
  • Adventurer Helmet
  • Adventurer Trousers
  • Alchemy Station
  • Black Cauldron
  • Bronze Bars
  • Chain Lightning
  • Copper Arrow
  • Copper Axe
  • Copper Block
  • Copper Bowl
  • Copper Cup
  • Copper Double Doors
  • Copper Fence
  • Copper Jug
  • Copper Pickaxe
  • Copper Platter
  • Copper Poison Arrow
  • Enhanced Spiked Club
  • Ghostly Shield
  • Grappling Hook Pull Anchor
  • Grappling Hook Swing Anchor
  • Hero's Shield
  • Laboratory
  • Lightning Channel
  • Polished Wooden Throne
  • Ranger Vest
  • Tank Boots
  • Tank Chestplate
  • Tank Gloves
  • Tank Helmet
  • Tank Trousers

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