Enshrouded: How to get Flax and Linen

Published: Jan. 30, 2024
Updated: Jan. 30, 2024

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A very important resource in Enshrouded is Linen. You can grow Linen by using Flax. We have summarized everything you need to know about cultivation and production in this guide.

In this guide, you will find out:

  • Where to find Flax.
  • How to grow Flax yourself.
  • How to produce linen.

Enshrouded: Find Flax and Grow It Yourself

As you would expect from a good survival game, in Enshrouded you have to collect or produce all the essential resources yourself. One very significant resource is Linen. You need the material to craft the medium-sized backpack, for example, which increases your available item slots and allows you to carry more equipment.

Enshrouded Flax and linen

However, you need to fulfill a few requirements to be able to produce Linen. First, you need to discover Flax, the basis of Linen production. You can find Flax near Diadwyn, for example. However, you should be very careful here, as the plants are guarded by wild boars (level 13). To avoid dying constantly, you should quickly grab a plant and teleport home immediately.

Growing and Harvesting Flax

As soon as you have picked up a single Flax plant, you can use it to cultivate your fields. The only requirement for this is that you have already freed the farmer and summoned her inside your camp. You can build a seedbed with her, which you can use to produce a total of 10 Flax Seedlings from 1x Flax and 2x Water. Once the seedlings are ready, you can plant them anywhere in the game world and harvest them after a certain amount of time.

Turning Flax into Linen

To turn Flax into Linen, you need to complete the quest “Hunter's Hand Spindle”, at the end of which you will receive this specific item. Place the spindle in your base and put the harvested flax in it. For 2x Flax, you get 1x Linen. Once you have retrieved your first unit of linen from the spindle and placed it in your backpack, you will unlock numerous new recipes, such as the medium backpack, the ranger armor set, or the Advanced Glider.

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