Enshrouded: How to Get Shroud Wood

Published: Feb. 01, 2024
Updated: Feb. 01, 2024

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If you're trying to find Shroud Wood in Enshrouded, solving your problems is easier than you might think. You can easily farm Shroud Wood right at the start of the game.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • You can find Miasma Wood in the Enshrouded area within the named Miasma.
  • You'll need Miasma Wood for various objects such as the Glider.

Here you can Find Shroud Wood in Enshrouded

You probably know that you can get normal wood by cutting down trees. You can get Shroud Wood in the same way, but you have to cut down the trees within the Shroud. So get your woodcutting axe and find a place where you can run in and out of the Shroud quickly and easily. As you will probably want to craft a glider right at the start of your game, the best place to mine Shroud Wood is the valley below the Braelyn Bridge.

Enshrouded Miasma Holz

Run into the Fog to gather Shroud Wood.

On the right side of the bridge, a path leads into the fog and leads you past a few trees. Always be aware of the time, so you can escape from the Shroud in time. Fast travel in the mist is not possible! Also, remember that you have to collect the wood you have mined. There is no autoloot for this.

Why You Need Shroud Wood

You need this kind of wood in Enshrouded to craft certain tools, such as the glider. You will also need to gather the Shroud Wood for the improved version of this tool. The advanced glider will carry you even further and faster through the game world. You can also use the wood to craft miasma blocks to build up your base as the game progresses.

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