Enshrouded: How to Get the Tanning Station to Craft Leather

Published: Feb. 06, 2024
Updated: Feb. 06, 2024

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There is an incredible variety of different resources and materials in Enshrouded, including leather. The tanned textile is very useful for crafting various items.

Our guide at a glance:

  • You need a Tanning Station to craft leather.
  • You can use leather to craft items such as the large backpack.

How to Get the Tanning Station in Enshrouded

Before you can make leather yourself, you have to fight your way through the huntress's quests. At some point, she will ask you to find her old Tanning Station and bring it back. However, before you can get this production workshop, you have a lot of work to do.

EN Tanning Station

You can craft Leather with the Tanning Station.

The quest takes you far to the north-east of the map. There are no particular difficulties or tricky puzzles along the way (apart from level 18 and higher enemies). However, it can sometimes be a little tricky to find the right path. For the last part of the quest in particular, where you have to find Lupa’s Lair, we needed a lot of time.

But don't worry, the path is very easy. If you follow the quest marker in the direction of Lupa's Lair, you will come to a huge miasma crater (Umbral Crater). The direct path seems to lead right through it. But that is not the case. To reach Lupa's Lair, all you have to do is walk north along the edge of the crater. North-east of the crater, you should visit the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire and unlock the fast travel point. Then continue along the edge of the crater until you have almost reached the south-eastern tip.

At this point, you can walk across a destroyed bridge to Lupa's Lair on a rock in the middle of the Miasma Crater (see screenshot).

Enshrouded Lupas Zuflucht

Here you can find the Boss guarding the Tanning Station.

There, the Tanning Station is guarded by a boss who summons wolves and can even deal out some serious damage himself (we died in one hit several times).

Produce Leather Yourself

As soon as you have set up the Tanning Station in your base, you can start producing leather. To craft ten units of leather, you need 15 minutes and the following materials:

  • 10x Dried Fur (you can produce this with Animal Fur and Salt on the Drying Rack)
  • 20x Salt
  • 2x Ammonia Glands (can be obtained by defeating the red glowing giant mushrooms in the miasma)

Leather is a very useful material. You can use it to craft some advanced items, such as the large backpack or the third stage of the glider.

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