All wood locations in Genshin Impact for housing

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Since the Genshin Impact Update 1.5 you can build your own house and decorate it with many pieces of furniture. However, you have to make the furniture yourself, and you need wood for this. We’ll tell you where you can find which type of wood.

This is new: Since the 1.5 update at the end of April, there is now the possibility of designing your own little realm in the co-op RPG Genshin Impact. You can freely place different houses, but also decorations or even animals. To get your “building area”, you must have reached Adventure-Rank 35 and complete a corresponding quest. Then you have one of three areas to choose from (grassy landscape, mountainous landscape, or a sky landscape).

You need these types of wood: To make furniture for the houses, however, you need wood. There are different types of it:

  • Birch Wood
  • Cuihua Wood
  • Pine Wood
  • Sandbearer Wood
  • Bamboo Segments
  • Cedar Wood
  • Fir Wood

How to cut wood in Genshin Impact

You don’t need any extra items to get to the wood in Genshin Impact. Just pick up your weapon and hit a suitable tree. When attacked, the tree wobbles a little and drops up to three pieces of wood.

You don’t have to collect these at all because the wood disappears directly into your inventory. If a tree does not wobble during the attack, it does not provide wood or has already been dismantled by you. Each suitable tree can only be harvested once a day.

Here you can find Birch Wood in Genshin Impact

Birch trees can be easily recognized by their yellow color and white trunk. You can find them all over Teyvat, but you can find a particularly large number on the “Windwail Highland” in the region of Mondstadt.


Here you can find Cuihua Wood in Genshin Impact

The cuihua tree in Genshin Impact is an apple tree and can therefore be recognized by the fruits that it bears. They grow scattered in the “Starfell Valley” (Mondstadt) and on the “Bishui Plain” (Liyue).


Here you can find Pine Wood in Genshin Impact

Pine trees are large conifers covered in snow. So far, this is the only place where you can find the pines: the “Dragonspine Region” between Mondstadt and Liyue.


Here you can find Sandbearer Wood in Genshin Impact

Sandbearer Trees can also be recognized by their yellow leaves. Unlike birch trees, they have a brown trunk and do not grow so straight into the sky. They tend to be found in warmer areas and can be found well in “Minlin” and “Lisha”. Both regions in Liyue.


Here you can find Bamboo Segments in Genshin Impact

The Qingce Bamboo is a typical bamboo trunk. Grown tall and straight, you can easily identify them by their thin trunks. You can find them particularly often on the “Bishui Plain” in Liyue.


Here you can find Cedar Wood in Genshin Impact

Cedars are tall, evergreen trees with lush foliage. You can often find these large trees in the “Starfell Valley” (Mondstadt).

Here you can find Fir Wood in Genshin Impact

Fir trees are also easy to spot. The evergreen Christmas tree is not covered in snow, but grows preferentially in the “Starfell Valley” (Mondstadt) or on the “Galesong Hill” (Mondstadt).

Genshin-Impact-Fabers-FirWe’ll keep you up to date: Genshin Impact has by no means shown everything that the Free2Play title has in store for us. New areas are still to come, and so will probably new types of wood. As soon as that is the case, we will update our guide for you.



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