Green Hell: Coconuts, boil or filter water - How to fight your thirst

Published: May. 10, 2022
Updated: May. 10, 2022

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Boiling water: the supreme discipline in Green Hell, or is it quite simple? This guide will show you how to avoid dehydration in the hardcore survival game. That should guarantee your fun beyond the first 15 minutes.

This is how you can tell if you're thirsty: As a newcomer to Green Hell, in addition to numerous external dangers, you also get to know the limits of your own body very early on. A beep from the smartwatch, which contains your nutritional parameters in addition to the time and a compass, tells you that you should add water to your body. What now?

How to fight your thirst in Green Hell

Basically correct, and basis for one of the variants to provide you with liquid. However, in Green Hell you need a few tools to transport the precious good into your body.

Simple but dangerous: In an emergency, you can safely drink from any river or pond. However, you will then be infested with parasites that can cost you your life. However, you can increase your chance of surviving the action. Red and blue mushrooms, as well as a green fruit resembling an avocado, all have effects that kill a certain number of the parasites in your body.

Coconuts as the first lifesavers

You can find coconut fruit on the ground and on palm trees. This is probably the easiest way to get safe drinking water at the beginning. If the fruit is already on the ground, you can use an axe, knife or spear to remove the green skin.

If the fruit is still hanging on the palm tree, you can throw it from the tree by throwing a stone (hold down the G button, aim, release the button). Alternatively, this can also be done with an axe, a spear or an arrow. You can then drink the liquid from the brown nut. If you split the nut again with a sharp tool, you will get two coconut shells. In addition to the tasty, white pulp from the inside, you will receive your first vessels!

Collecting rainwater

You can simply place the vessels you just made on the ground. There they fill up with clean drinking water when it rains. As long as the water does not come into contact with the ground, it is safe to drink without the risk of introducing parasites.

Auf dem Boden aufgelegte Kokosnuss-Hälften sammeln Regenwasser.

With coconut halves that you put on the ground, you can collect rainwater and drink it without hesitation.

Boil or filter water - Here's how

There is plenty of water accumulation in the rainforest that only needs to be boiled or filtered to free it from parasites. Cooking is also very easy:

  • Collect the dirty water with the coconut shells
  • Place them in one of the slots around the campfire

Once the water has boiled, you can safely drink it and quench your thirst.

This is how you filter dirty water: At the fishing spot at 51' W 19' S you will find a filter system on the dock, which you can then rebuild using a blueprint from the notebook. In it you can easily filter water to clean it. If you have already discovered clay in a river, you will also find the clay water filter in your notebook.

Transporting water - this is how you bring the precious water from A to B

Take water with you in your backpack: If you are going on a longer journey of discovery, it can be an advantage if you can carry ready-made drinking water in your backpack.

To do this, you can use a whole coconut and a rope (found as a liana) to create a vessel in which you can store drinking water. You can pack this vessel in your backpack, which means you have one less thing to worry about on your journey.

Find metal vessel as loot: The highest (thirst) feeling in Green Hell: A portable metal vessel. You can find this at the crashed jeep (via Gamepedia). There you will also find other helpful items. But watch out for the rattlesnakes, they can get nasty.

You can find the jeep at the following coordinates: 44' W, 17' S

Jeep in Green Hell: Map-Koordinaten 44'W, 17'S

The crashed jeep in Green Hell offers some loot items.

Danger! dehydration from illness

In addition to the risk of dying of thirst from the mere passage of time, you should also be aware that food poisoning and fever can also lead to dehydration. So make sure you're drinking enough fluids just when you're dealing with either of these dangers. Good succeed!

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