Hogwarts Legacy: Treasure of the Cursed Tomb - How to Solve the Quest

Published: Apr. 30, 2023
Updated: May. 06, 2023

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In the mid-game of Hogwarts Legacy it is possible to start the treasure hunt "Treasure of the Cursed Tomb". Our guide tells you which requirements you have to meet and how you can solve the quest.

Caution, higher requirements: Treasure hunts are very lucrative activities in Hogwarts Legacy, and "Treasure of the Cursed Tomb" is one of the most extensive in the open-world role-playing game. However, there is a catch, because this quest is mid-game content with corresponding requirements for your character's training.

Thus, you will only be able to successfully complete this treasure hunt if...

  • your Hogwarts student has reached at least level 24.
  • you have unlocked the lower half of the world map.
  • you are in possession of Urkot's helmet.
  • you can pick locks of the third level.

Only when these requirements are met, the quest "Treasure of the Cursed Tomb" will appear in the south of the map. Go there to start the quest.

A Cave in the South

Once at the quest location, you will first have to fight your way through several rows of enemies to get to the treasure map in the picture below.

Hogwarts Legacy: Der Schatz des verfluchten Grabes Karte

Defeated all the enemies? Then you can grab the treasure map above. Image source: VGC

It works like usual, so it does not tell you the exact location of the treasure, but gives visual clues to it. If you follow them, you will get to the place we hihlighted in the world map below.

Hogwarts Legacy: Cursed Tomb Treasure Map

The treasure map will lead you to this place on the world map. Image source: VGC

Now enter the cave in front of you and get ready for some attacking spiders. The path will then lead you to a puzzle in the form of a "butterfly door". To open it, you'll proceed in a similar way to the empty picture frames in Hogwarts University; thus, you'll have to lead three butterflies to the door. You will find the first one in a crypt to your left. There you need to cast the Levioso spell to be able to climb up a ledge.

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Hogwarts Legacy: Cursed Tomb Treasure WalkthroughThe other two butterflies can be found to the right of the door behind a spider web. Don't forget that you have to guide the pretty insects to the door using the Lumos spell.

Hogwarts Legacy: Der Schatz des verfluchten Grabes GuideYou will be attacked by some Inferi, defend yourself. In the room behind the door you will see a stone puzzle device on the floor. Cast Flippendo on the upper middle stone slab as well as on the lower corner slabs. Shortly after, a treasure chest will come into view and you have successfully completed the treasure hunt.

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