Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get the Elder Wood Wand

Published: Feb. 07, 2023
Updated: Feb. 08, 2023

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In Hogwarts Legacy, you'll be able to create your own wand out of numerous creation options. From the Harry Potter books and movies, we also know the Elder Wood Wand, one of the most powerful wands in the Potterverse. Our guide will tell you how to get this wand in the game.

This is the Elder Wood Wand in the Potterverse: The Elder Wand is one of the three Deathly Hallows, which, according to a legend, were created by Death himself and given to three brothers. Due to its power, defeating the Elder Wood Wand during battle is impossible. Additionally, it can only be used by its rightful owner, who defeated the previous bearer of the Elder Wood Wand. However, in the Harry Potter movies, it was enough to disarm the wizard using the Elder Wood Wand to become its rightful owner.

How to get the Elder Wand in Hogwarts Legacy

To get the Elder Wood Wand as your magic wand, you need to create an account at Wizarding World and connect it to your Hogwarts Legacy account.  Your game will be connected with your wizarding world profile, which will automatically assign you to the house; you were sorted and also received the wand that was assigned to you, also by taking the tests.

If you haven't done a test already, you can start the quiz that will tell you which wand matches your personality. We will help you to answer this quiz so that you can receive the Elder Wood Wand at the end.

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Questions and Answers to Get the Elder Wood Wand

Question 1

  • Q: First of all, would you describe yourself as …
  • A: Choose any answer you like here.

Question 2

  • Q: And your eyes …
  • A: Choose “Blue”.

Question 3

  • Q: Was the day on which you were born …
  • A: Choose any answer you like here.

Question 4

  • Q: Do you most pride yourself on your …
  • A: Choose “Intelligence”.

Question 5

  • Q: Travelling alone down a deserted road, you reach a crossroads. Do you continue…
  • A: Choose “Right towards the castle”.

Question 6

  • Q: Do you most fear...
  • A: Depending on hat core you want for your Elder Wood Wand, you choose the following:
    • Unicorn: Fire
    • Phoenix: Darkness
    • Dragon: Heights

Question 7

  • Q: In a chest of magical artifacts, which would you choose...
  • A: Here, according to your upper choice, you have to choose the core again what you want for your magic wand:
    • Unicorn: Glittering Jewel
    • Phoenix: Bound Scroll
    • Dragon: Silver Dogger

Once you have answered all the questions and selected the correct answers for the core of your wand, you will now receive your personalized Elder Wand at Ollivanders in Hogsmeade.

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