How to Find Ansur Dragon Baldur's Gate 3 + Map & Location

Published: Sep. 04, 2023
Updated: Dec. 28, 2023

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In this guide, we reveal to you how to find the Ansur Dragon in Baldur's Gate 3 and whether you can save it. From it, you can receive the legendary Giant Slayer weapon of Balduran.

Finding the Ansur Dragon in BG3 - Summary:

  • If you find the Ansur Dragon, you can obtain the legendary Giant Slayer weapon.
  • You find Ansur at Wyrm’s Way. Here you must break through the cracked wall.
  • Upon reaching the Statue of Balduran, you must complete four puzzle chambers.
  • After completing all puzzle chambers, return to the statue and meet Ansur.

Baldur's Gate 3 - How to Find the Ansur Dragon

BG3: Wyrm's Crossing

Here you see the marked Wyrm’s Way.

To get to the Ansur Dragon, you first need to find the entrance to its lair. After that, you must solve several puzzles to open the entrance to the dragon. To find the entrance to Ansur's lair, go from Wyrm's Crossing to the crack in the wall at coordinates X:52; Y:186. There you must break through the wall and go straight down the corridor to the dragon torches at coordinates X:33; Y:-733.

BG3: Wyrm's Crossing

go down this corridor.

You must use any lightning attack on them, after which a passage in the wall will open. Then follow the path to the iron gate, which you will find at coordinates X:18; Y:-701, and upon entering it, you will reach Wyrm’s Way. Inside, you will find a statue of Balduran, which will tell you that a challenge awaits you. After you have passed four chambers with puzzles, you will be able to reach Ansur.

Solve All Puzzle Chambers to Find Ansur

1. Chamber of Courage

In this chamber, you don't have to solve a puzzle. Rather, your fighting spirit is required. To pass the Chamber of Courage, you must defeat Elementals and Myrmidons in four rounds, after which you can move on to the next chamber.

2. Chamber of Justice

Your task in this chamber is to cleanse the shadow-covered paintings using the spell Remove Curse. Then select the painting "The Cell" and store it in your inventory. Now place the painting in the empty niche you should see. For more details click on the full guide to the Chamber of Justice.

BG3: How to Solve Chamber of Justice Puzzle

this field is where the picture must be placed.

3. Chamber of Strategy

The puzzle around the Chamber of Strategy involves an unfinished chess game that you must win. Your goal is to checkmate the opponent. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Move 1 (White): Move the white queen from A6 to H6 and take the pawn on H6. This puts the black king on H8 in check.
  2. Move 1 (Opponent): The black king on H8 has only one escape option and moves to G8.
  3. Move 2 (White): Take the pawn on G7 with your white queen on H6. That is checkmate.

The designations such as A6, H6, etc., refer to the usual numbering of a traditional chessboard, where the rows are numbered from 1 to 8 and the columns from A to H. More details about the puzzle can be found in this guide.

chess board

This is how the chessboard looks in the chamber.

4. Chamber of Insight

In the Chamber of Insight, you will be greeted by a statue of Balduran, which will present you with a challenge: you must identify the advisor whose advice would lead the city into decline. There are three advisors, and to find out which one of them is evil, you should use the books with their memoirs scattered around the room. The advisor with bad intentions is Suelto. Decide to kill him, and the puzzle is solved. For more details, you can find the complete guide here.

That was all you needed to know to find the Ansur Dragon in Baldur's Gate 3. We hope our guide has helped you with all these puzzles. And if you're looking for more content, be sure to check out our guide on how to get the legendary staff Markoheshkir in Baldur's Gate 3.

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