How to Get Laser Cutter in Starfield

Published: Sep. 09, 2023
Updated: Sep. 09, 2023

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In Starfield you can find many tools that will help you in different situations. The Laser Cutter is an item that you received at the beginning of the game, but if you accidentally lose it, don't be disappointed. By reading, you will learn how to get a Cutter in Starfield.

Cutter is not only a weapon but also a tool that will help you extract resources or cut different materials. You don't need to fly around the universe to find it, because below you will know where to find or purchase a Laser Cutter.

Starfield: Where to Get a Cutter

Laser Cutter in Starfield

There are a bunch of ways for you to get it:

  • On Jemison, look for the Outland store, which, among many weapons and tools, has a Laser Cutter that can be purchased for 465 credits. You can find it in the commercial district of New Atlantis, next to the UC Distribution Center. If you visited the store, but there was no item you needed, then wait until the seller's inventory is updated.
  • You can often come across a Laser Cutter in locations such as a mine. Usually, this tool is found in chests nearby by mission markers.
  • Sometimes it can be found in the hands of NPCs and taken away by force.

That's it. And if you want to add even more powerful weapons to your collection, feel free to take a look at our guide on how to get Unmitigated Violence and Eternity’s Gate legendary weapons in Starfield. Good luck!

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