How to get Luxury Textiles in Starfield

Published: Sep. 16, 2023
Updated: Feb. 08, 2024

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For those who relish spending hours decorating their apartment in Starfield, it's crucial to use only the finest materials for their furniture. This guide will show you how to obtain rare Luxury Textiles.

Everything about Luxury Textiles (TLDR):

  • Luxury textiles can be acquired by purchasing or hunting animals.
  • Available for purchase at the UC Distribution Center in New Atlantis and the Souvenir Shop on Titan.
  • The best source of luxury textiles is hunting bats on Schrödinger III.

How to get Luxury Textiles in Starfield

Luxury Textile in Starfield

There are a couple of ways to obtain luxury textiles, either by buying them or by hunting animals. However, luxury textiles are a rare material that is only available in small quantities in stores, while the animals that need to be hunted are exceptionally strong. Let's take a closer look at the sources for luxury textiles.

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UC Distribution Center

You can find it in the Commercial District of New Atlantis on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System. This method is quite slow and unstable, but elementary. You will need to sit on a chair and wait about 48 hours to be able to buy 2-3 pieces of Luxury Textile. Unfortunately, that's how long it takes for new stock to arrive.

Souvenir Shop

Head to the Sol System, on Saturn's second moon named Titan. The shop is in a place known as New Homestead. Sales here operate the same as in the UC Distribution Center, so 2-3 pieces every 48 hours. However, the downside to this shop is that there are no seating options nearby, so you can't quickly skip two days.

Hunting for Foxbats

Look for bats in the mountain biome on the planet Schrödinger III in the Schrödinger System. Defeating a pack of foxbats can yield more luxury textiles than you can buy at once. But keep in mind, these creatures are quite high-level, so it won't be easy to take them down.

These were all the methods you can use to get Luxury Textiles in Starfield. As you can see, you can either wait for it to be brought to the store or go hunting to get even more of it.

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