Lost Ark Aeromancer Guide: Best Builds, Engravings and Skills

Published: Aug. 25, 2023
Updated: Aug. 25, 2023

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Lost Ark leaves new players spoiled for choice at launch: various classes are waiting to be leveled up. Now, with the Air Dancer, a new advanced specialist class is coming into play on August 16, 2023. We'll take a closer look at the new heroine in this guide and explain what you need to know about the Air Dancer class.

  • Field of application and role of the class
  • Perfect skill set
  • The best builds for each play style
  • The best engravings for the slayer?
  • Which awakening ability?

Class Overview, Role & Identity of the Aeromancer

This is the Aeromancer: The Aeromancer is one of the advanced specialist classes in Lost Ark and focuses on strengthening the attack and defense of her teammates. To achieve this, she makes use of her parasol, with which she can attack enemies, and uses illusions to confuse opponents.


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How to play the class: The Aeromancer combines DPS with support skills and a high degree of mobility. In general, the class is suitable for beginners thanks to its good survivability. In addition, the Aeromancer offers a high level of burst damage, which makes her a popular dungeon companion.

In general, if you want to play the Aeromancer in the best way possible:

  • The Aeromancer provides a high level of crit synergy within your party. So focus on the appropriate skills to best support your comrades-in-arms.
  • The Aeormancer's strengths include synergy with other classes, high mobility, and AoE damage output. Position yourself accordingly so that your AoE attacks do the most damage possible.

The class identity of the Aeromancer

What can the class identity do? The Aeromancer makes use of her parasol and the weather in combat to give herself and her teammates an advantage. Successful attacks fill up the so-called raindrop bar, which you can then use to activate the sunshine rain. The Sun Rain improves both your attack and defense in the form of bonuses to standard abilities and movement skills. In addition, the Sun Rain reduces the damage taken by your party, while enemies take additional damage.

The most important attributes of the Aeromancer: For each class in Lost Ark, you should pay attention to various attributes on the armor in the endgame. In the case of the Aeromancer, these are as follows:

  • Specialization: boosts your class-specific abilities.
  • Critical Probability: Further increases the damage of the Aeromancer

Advantages and disadvantages of the Aeromancer in Lost Ark

  • high damage and agility
  • easy to learn
  • good survivability
  • excellent synergies with other classes
  • low damage cap

The right skill for the Lost Ark Aeromancer

In Lost Ark, the first 50 levels hardly determine your final build later on. In general, you can reset your skills and redistribute skill points at any time for free. You can build your skills however you like. Until you have all the points, you can experiment with your build as you see fit.

Which build you choose depends on whether you prefer to focus your DPS on burst damage (Drizzle) or agility (Windfury). Both specializations are suitable for beginners and are similarly easy to master, so you are free to choose according to personal preference.

Best Drizzle Build for the Aeromancer

Tripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
SpreadWeakness Exposure
TornadoWeakness ExposureEnhanced SpinningBoomerang Umbrella
WhirlpoolSteam GainedWind PillarSteam Control
RainstormSteam GainedThunderstorm WarningLocalized Rainstorm
Strong WindQuick PrepSteam ControlDav Wind
FlyQuick PrepGrowth AttackEnhanced Current
Wiping WindQuick PrepDestructionSteam Control
Scorching SunQuick PrepSteam ControlSunspot Explosion

Best Wind Fury build for the Aeromancer

Tripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
SpreadCurrent OccurenceMagick CyclePiercing Shroud
Downward StrikeCurrent OccurenceThundercrack
Tornado DanceSwift FingersReversalSuperspeed Spin
RageReversalThunderSpace Slash
TornadoWeakness ExposureEnhancced SpinningBoomerang Umbrella
Wind GimletReversalLarge Strong WindSingle Attack
Piercing WindGiant SquallReversalLightning

How does the rotation of the air dancer work? Your focus as an Air Dancer is to deal as much weather damage as possible and buff your party with Sun Rain. Depending on which specialization you choose, your rotations will vary a bit, but the basic principle remains the same: Sunshine is your most important skill, for which you should fill up the raindrop meter as soon as possible.

Rotation for the drizzle build:

  • Tornado
  • Rain shower
  • Maelstrom
  • Solar Rain
  • Violent Wind
  • Scorching sun
  • Blowing Wind

For the Drizzle build, make sure the Sun Rain is active as often and as long as possible.

Rotation for the Wind Wrath build:

  • Tornado
  • Downward Blow
  • Maelstrom
  • Cutting Wind
  • Downward Blow
  • Wind gimlet
  • Spread
  • Rage
  • Downward Blow
  • Tornado Dance

The best engravings for the Aeromancer in Lost Ark

What are engravings? Once your character has reached level 50, you can use the important bonuses and buffs. Engravings provide you with bonuses and buffs to skills or character stats. It is important to mention that not every class can wear every engraving. There are normal engravings that you can apply to your current character, as well as to your secondary characters. Then, of course, only after they reach level 50 as well. We also have a detailed guide that covers the engravings in detail.

Each class in Lost Ark has two class-specific engravings in addition to the traditional ones. In the case of the Aeromancer, these are:

  • Wind Fury: additional crit chance and crit damage; if you use an umbrella skill twice within three seconds, the raindrop gauge regenerates by 12 percent; Sun Rain is buffed, has a reduced radius, consumes +50 percent of the raindrop gauge, and counts as an umbrella skill; the attack and power reduction effect on enemies is absent, but allies gain +12 percent attack and movement speed increases.
  • Drizzle: Sunshine consumes -50 percent raindrop meter; inflicted damage from weather skills increases by 7/15/30 percent.

The best normal engravings for the Lost Ark Aeromancer

You should take these other engravings with you: As mentioned above, you can take other engravings along with your class engraving. The normal engravings either improve your damage or give your equipment a buff. You can take a total of four engravings with you. The number of engraving points to invest is dictated by your equipment. You can get a maximum of 35 engraving points, which should be enough for three normal engravings and your class-specific engraving.

Which engravings you should take with you varies depending on your build. If you are using the Wind Wrath focused skill, the following normal engravings are recommended:

  • Master of Strike: additional attack damage.
  • Adrenaline: you get a damage bonus per skill used; six stacks increases your crit chance.
  • Grudge: You deal more damage, but also take more damage.
  • Cursed Doll: your attack power increases, but your gained healing decreases.
  • Raid Leader: additional damage equal to a certain percentage of your attack speed (10-45 percent depending on the engraving tier).

If you decide to use a skill that focuses on the Drizzle engraving, you should also use the following engravings:

  • Master of Strike: additional attack damage.
  • Adrenaline: you gain a damage bonus per ability used; six stacks increases your crit chance.
  • Grudge: You deal more damage, but also take more damage.
  • Cursed Doll: Your attack power increases, but your gained healing decreases.
  • Audacious Blunt Weapon: additional crit damage, but attacks deal 20% less damage with some chance.

These are awakening abilities of the Aeromancer in Lost Ark

Just like the engravings, you unlock the awakening abilities only when your air dancer reaches level 50 and completes the corresponding quest line. There are two variants here, both of which you can unlock. However, you can only equip one awakening ability and not both at the same time.

  • Approaching Storm: You create a tsunami that draws enemies in, causes water damage, and pushes them away. Enemies hit suffer reduced crit resistance.
  • Narr's Blade: You throw your umbrella into the air and slash at enemies in rapid succession. Enemies are flung away.

For the Drizzle build, the revival ability Narr's Blade is most worthwhile because it allows you to fill the Raindrop bar particularly well. The Wind Wrath build, on the other hand, uses Nearing Storm because of the short animation.

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