Lost Ark: How to Make the Best TP and Healing Potions

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In this guide, we’ll tell you how to start crafting in Lost Ark. From crafting HP and healing potions to other items. This happens on your island through the workshop with the materials you’ve already collected while questing.

Why make them yourself? TP potions and healing potions become more and more rare in the later course of Lost Ark. Buying more and more potions can be expensive. In PvP, raids and dungeons you will need them in large quantities. So the best alternative besides saving up potions is to make them. Guided.news author Tim shows you how to do that:

How to craft your own TP and healing potions in Lost Ark quickly and easily.

Difference between potions: Before we start, you should know: In Lost Ark, there are two different types of potions that restore your health: the TP potion and the healing potion.

There is a big difference between TP and healing potions. While the healing potion heals you within 8 seconds, while the TP potion restores your lives by a certain amount instantly. It is recommended to use only healing potions especially in the beginning. In the later game, HP potions become very valuable as they heal you based on a percentage of maximum health.

It is important for you to know that HP potions can be used in dungeons and raids, while healing potions are not available in these areas. So, it makes sense to save the HP potions for the difficult battles.

You’ll need these materials: To be able to craft items in the workshop, you need a lot of resources. You can farm the resources while questing or buy them from selected merchants. Furthermore, you can use the map to search for materials. It always shows with material icons which resources are available in the selected area.


How to craft healing potions: You can craft all kinds of items in the workshop. You unlock the recipes for the workshop by researching in the lab or by questing. Once the workshop is researched, you can start crafting some green 30% potions with flowers.

So make sure you picked some flowers while leveling. Once the workshop reaches level 2, you will have access to crafting enhanced healing potions (45%) as well as signal flares for raids. To get the workshop to level 2, you will need just under 100 pieces of ore and wood.

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