Lost Ark Sailing Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Sailing

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To travel far in Lost Ark, you’ll have to take a ship and sail. In this guide, Guided.news explains all the important information about sailing, from getting a ship to using it properly!

Why do you need a sailing ship? You can fast travel in Lost Ark, but only within one continent. To get to other continents and islands, you will inevitably need a ship. In total, there are about a dozen continents and larger islands, joined by countless small archipelagos and deserted islands.

Get your first ship and learn the basics of sailing

Where can you get a ship? Lost Ark blocks your access to the sea until you reach level 35. Some players get access earlier, others a little later, depending on how fast they level up. If you have played the main story far enough, you will come to the harbor in East Luterra. In the beginning you have one boat at your disposal, more boats will be unlocked later:

  • Estoque

How to upgrade your ship: In Lost Ark, ships are primarily used to travel the world. On the high seas, the “sea events” also await you. You can invest the rewards you earn there directly into your sailing ship to improve it. You should do this urgently, because later in the game you won’t sail through safe waters.

There are dangerous waters that can damage your ship for various reasons and wear it down.

Resources to improve your sailing ship:

  • Wood
  • Blueprints for the corresponding ship
  • Flimsy Ship Parts
  • Reinforced Ship Parts

Later, the better components follow:

  • Uncommon Ship Parts
  • Durable Ship Parts
  • Heavy Ship Parts
  • Heroic Ship
  • Fine Timber
  • Reinforced Wood
  • Lightweight Wood
  • Steel Sheet
  • Special Steel Sheet
  • Tempered Glas
  • Mana Engine
  • Galcier Crusher Parts
  • Premium Lubricant
  • Essence of Sea

Most of the parts are made with the help of various raw materials. Some high-class parts can only be obtained as rewards, for example with the aforementioned sea events.

You can even personalize your ship and, for example, adjust the color of your sails or change the entire model. Works similar to a pure skin, but brings different bonuses depending on the model. You can get ship models via the real money store.

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Getting seamen for your sailing ship – That’s why they are so important

Why you need sailors: Sailors grant you different bonuses to your ship. Some of them improve your basic speed at sea. Others provide particularly good resistance to the dangers at sea, such as kelp, turbulent waters, or storms.

Some sailors work on any ship, others can only be hired for a specific model. But they all have one thing in common: the higher their rarity, the better the protection they provide.

You can buy seamen at any merchant outside a city at the harbor. Here the supply changes irregularly. So visit the merchants regularly to get new sailors for your crew.

You can also get some sailors for free if you have collected enough Mokoko seeds. With 250 Mokoko seeds you get the sailor Kai Lau, who increases your speed by 0.1 and protects you from various dangers on the high seas.

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  1. The article is good but it’s missing the lvl cap of ships, what I mean is what’s the lvl cap a ship could get in lost ark and if with this lvl we could face any type of sea hazards we may find.


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