Lost Ark: Where do You Get the Song of Resonance?

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Where is the song of resonance in Lost Ark? In forums, many players seem to despair, because the song is needed for various quests. Guided author Kevin Willing now explains quickly and easily where you can get the Song of Resonance.

What do songs do? Songs in Lost Ark serve various purposes. Among other things, they bring you to your own island, let you escape from dungeons, or seduce enemies. You’ll need the Song of Resonance to get to places that otherwise remain hidden.

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Song of Resonance in Lost Ark: where to get it & what it can do

What can this song do? In Lost Ark there are many hidden places that can only be opened with the help of the Song of Resonance. Sometimes it moves a statue, other times it opens a secret door in a wall that hid the secret place full of loot.

Unlike many songs, you don’t get this through the story, chain quest or anything like that. You have to buy it from a merchant who hangs out far off the beaten path — does the analogy make sense, out at sea like that? For one thing, you require the ship you got at mid-level 30. With it, you now go to a giant pirate ship in the middle of the sea:

This is how you get the Song of Resonance

  • Get into your ship and set course for Peyto Island. It lies between North Vern and Anikka and south of the smaller island of Pleccia.
  • When you arrive in Peyto, go to the deck of the ship. Here you will find the merchant
  • Igran in the middle of the deck on the right side.
  • The merchant Igran sells you the Song of Resonance for 16,500 pirate coins.
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How to get pirate coins? In Lost Ark you can get various currencies, including pirate coins. You can get them mainly through island quests on small islets and through the sea events. We will go into this in more detail in our sailing guide.

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