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Medieval Dynasty: How to create a family via marriage

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In the single-player RPG Medieval Dynasty, marriage and starting a family is necessary to ensure the continuity of your settlement. This guide shows you what you need to know in the Early Access version of Medieval Dynasty to successfully find happiness in marriage. Otherwise, the advancing age of your character will bring you to a sad and abrupt end.

  • Note professional groups of women.
  • Select correct answers.
  • First bathe, then flirt.

Medieval Dynasty has a few different ways for you to marry an NPC woman to secure the future of your village. But what is the use of getting married?

This is what marriage in Medieval Dynasty brings you

You need to know: The woman will move to your settlement and sleep in your house if you successfully ask for her hand. You can assign her a profession just like any other of your acquired villagers.

Your wife can also via dialog option:

  • Heal your wounds,
  • redistribute skill points, and
  • get pregnant by you.

These are the basic rules for the successful wedding

You must keep in mind: The following requirements apply if you want to successfully marry a woman in Medieval Dynasty to ensure your survival through the successor generation.

  • Make sure you don’t stink! The smell indicator is located in your character overview. A high value has a negative effect on your success in conversation with your sweetheart.

The smell indicator tells you if you stink. Body odor decreases your chance to get married.
The smell indicator tells you if you stink. Body odor decreases your chance to get married.

  • The dialogs leading to marriage are behind the selection “I want to tell you something, beautiful lady”. If the lady is already married, you have no chance with her. Otherwise, she will accept your further flirting attempts with “Yes?”
  • Choose the right answers to make a positive impact.
  • It’s best to save the game before you enter dialogs. This way you can be sure that your progress with one of the women won’t be lost if you choose the wrong answer.
  • Build a house for yourself that your wife can move into. She will not marry you unless you build a house for your family.
  • If you have already produced a few good sentences within a conversation, the woman will ask for time to think about what you have said. Just come back the next day and start the conversation again.

Dialogues leading to marriage

You need to know: There are basically two different values that contribute to success. One is approval, which is important for recruiting villagers. On the other hand, affection, which is the direct indicator of marriage. Depending on the value, there are different dialogs that can lead to success or failure.

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There are three different occupational groups that NPCs follow. Depending on the occupational group, the effect of the respective dialog option differs.

  • Simple workers
  • Hunters
  • Craftsmen

There are two good ways to find out the right occupational group by which you can adjust your answers.

If your intended woman is a newcomer, NPCs that you could also recruit for your village as a resident, you can find out the skill level by using the inspection mode (Alt key). The highest skill level defines the person’s profession.

This women is a farmer, as it's her highest skill.
This women is a farmer, as it’s her highest skill.

If it is a normal inhabitant of one of the Medieval Dynasty villages, you can also follow her during the day and observe if she goes to one of the stables or does a craft.

Attention: Hunters and some craftsmen (e.g. blacksmiths) can currently only be recognized by testing their answers in conversation.

Dialogues for affection

1. How have you been lately? I hope you are doing well. […] +10

2. Has anyone ever told you that you have beautiful eyes? +5

3. 3. I appreciate your dedication to work. For this you deserve the highest praise. +5

4. You look beautiful today. +5

5. Recently I went hunting and actually took on a bear. It was a tough fight, but in the end I succeeded. +2 to+10

Only in good weather, during the warm season, the following phrases have positive effects:

6. We should go to the river for lunch sometime. I’ve heard it’s very nice this time of year. +5

7. You look as beautiful as the blue sky today! +5

8. You know, on my way here I saw beautiful flowers and immediately thought of you. +5

9. My lady, you seem to be very powerful. You look strong like a wild boar.

Women who fall under the category of “simple workers” give +2 affection, hunters +5. In any case, craftswomen will not like to hear this sentence.

Dialogs for approval

1. How have you been lately?This sentence always leads to positive or at most neutral approval. Use it if there is no possibility to get a higher approval by another sentence.

  • Simple workers: +10
  • Hunters: +5
  • Craftsmen: +0
2. Nice weather we have today, don’t you think?

Do not use this set when it is raining, foggy or cloudy. It works fine in sunny weather. Craftsmen do not like this set at all.

  • Simple workers: +10
  • Hunters: +5
  • Craftsmen: -5
3. How’s work? I hope you are well.

The favorite phrase of craftsmen.

  • Simple workers: -5
  • Hunters: +5
  • Craftsmen: +12
4. I just got back from working in the fields. Tough job.
  • Simple workers: +5
  • Hunters: +2
  • Craftsmen: -2
5. I recently got into hunting. Do you have any tips?
  • Simple workers: +2
  • Hunters: +5
  • Craftsmen: -5
6. What a day! I’ve been working almost non-stop, but I know my hard work will pay off. You know what they say: “The early bird catches the worm”.
  • Simple workers: -5
  • Hunters: 0
  • Craftsmen: +5
7. Have you heard any chatter lately?
  • Simple workers: +5
  • Hunters: -5
  • Craftsmen: 0
8. Did you see the nobleman who just passed by? I heard people say that he was wearing great robes!
  • Simple workers: -2
  • Hunters: -2
  • Craftsmen: +5

How to enter into marriage

Here’s how: Throughout your conversation, you always have the option “I don’t want to waste any more time without you. Marry me!”. Next to it, a probability is given, which says whether the woman will accept or not. Once you have achieved over 85% affection, the probability increases rapidly. If the probability is high enough, you can try your luck and make her an offer of marriage.

This dialogue option shows the marriage offer.
This dialogue option shows the marriage offer. However, there’s a 0% chance for her to accept the offer.

This is what happens after marriage in Medieval Dynasty: If she agrees with you, she will go to your village and from now on she will be available for the dialog options listed above. You can always find your wife using the purple person icon on the in-game map.

Your impression: Have you already managed to find a wife in Medieval Dynasty? How long did it take you? Or are you still working your way through the dialog options? Post it in the comments!



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