New World Gear Score System Guide & How to Reach 700 GS

Published: Oct. 10, 2023
Updated: Oct. 10, 2023


In New World, the Gear Score directly affects your character's effectiveness in combat, the damage you deal, the damage you can withstand, and your overall performance in various in-game activities, such as PvP battles, PvE content, and Expeditions. This article will guide you through the New World Gear Score system and show you how to reach 700 Gear Score.

We have tested the new Rise of the Angry Earth expansion and discovered various intriguing new game elements, such as the increase in the maximum Gear Score to 750. After delving into the depths of the game's progression system and exploring the changes, we've discovered the best way to max out our Gear Score in no time.

How to Reach 700 GS in New World Expansion

New World: multiple characters

First, you will need to purchase the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion to unlock 700 Gear Score equipment. Below, you will find the easiest ways that will help you obtain gear with the desired score as quickly as possible.

Main Story Quest

Once you purchase the extension, a new main quest will appear in the Elysian Wilds region. Completing these quests will swiftly boost your gear score to around 650 or even higher. Additionally, don't overlook the brand-new quests in Edengrove – they offer an excellent opportunity to level up and reach the desired GS.

Regular Expeditions

After completing the main story quests, you will be able to set out on Expeditions. Elysian Wilds offers accessible entry at level 65. While it might not drop 700 gear score items, it's still an excellent step to bridge the gap.

Mutation Level 1 Expedition

By clearing out some regular Expeditions, you will be ready for Mutated Expeditions which are relatively accessible with a 650 gear score. They offer a good chance of obtaining 700 GS items. Mutations consistently yield max gear score items, and the odds of obtaining gear within the 690 to 700 range are higher compared to regular Expeditions.


During the main quest, you will obtain several unique artifacts with a gear score of 700.

You can also farm other equipment pieces from bosses, like Odo on the Isle of Zurvan. However, some jewelry items are currently obtainable only through mutations or reaching level 100 in the season pass.


Another way to obtain 700 Gear Score equipment is crafting. Weaponsmithing at level 205 grants access to mythril, which you can combine with prismatic planks, leather, and ingots to raise the gear score to 645. To reach 700, you'll need trophies, a full set of armor, jewelry, and food buffs. Utilizing endgame materials, crafting a 700 GS item is possible, especially with the assistance of prismatic scarabs.

Open World

Engaging in open-world activities like chest runs and elite zones, especially in high-level areas such as Elysian Wilds, Brimstone Sand, and Shattered Mountains, can net you gear up to 700 GS. Named enemies and elite zone chests are a solid option in your searches.

Corrupted Portals

These portals, which can be found in Elysian Wilds, Brimstone Sands, and Shattered Mountains, can drop equipment up to 700 GS. They have a larger item pool, so 700 GS item drops will be rarer, but they remain a viable choice.

Mutation Level 2 Expeditions

These Expeditions offer even better loot but come with increased difficulty. With a competent group, they can be a rewarding source of high-level gear.

Mutation Level 3 Expeditions

While exceptionally challenging, these Expeditions exclusively drop items within the 695 to 700 gear score range. The opportunity for high-quality gear offsets their difficulty.

By following these simple steps, you'll be well on your way to obtaining maxed-out 700 Gear Score equipment in New World: Rise of the Angry Earth expansion. Happy hunting, and may your journey in the Aeternum be filled with epic adventures and powerful gear!

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