New World Isle of Zurvan Guide - All Secret Chests

Published: Oct. 11, 2023
Updated: Oct. 11, 2023


While exploring the Elysian Wilds in the new Rise of the Angry Earth expansion to the New World game, you can get to the Isle of Zurvan, where you can find a bunch of hidden elite chests with a lot of cool loot. In this guide, we will tell you about all the secrets of the Isle of Zurvan.

We were surprised by the amount of elite chests and loot we could find on Isle of Zurvan, but we found each of these caches and mapped out a route to find them. In addition, we leveled up pretty quickly looking for these chests, so follow our guide to also collect a lot of loot and XP on the Isle of Zurvan quickly and easily.

New World: All Secrets on the Isle of Zurvan

When you get to the Isle of Zurvan, you can find elite loot chests almost immediately, so to get straight to our point, follow the instructions below to find out the fastest route to find them:

  • Chest #1: You'll need to start your journey with a chest located between the rocks on the map screenshot below.

New World: Chest #1

  • Chest #2: After you get the first chest, it's best to climb down the cliff to the beach and head to the right. You should see a monster appear, which you'll need to kill to unlock the chest next to it.

New World: Chest #2

  • Chest #3: After you've defeated the monster and secured chest #2, continue along the beach until you find the next chest, which will be located near the broken parts of the ship.

New World: Chest #3

  • Chest #4: The next chest closest to you will also be on this beach, so you'll need to move forward until you find it on a rock near the seaside.

New World: Chest #4

  • Chest #5: Next, you should follow the path that leads from the cliff to the middle of the island, and at the first fork turn left to go around the mountain on your left and find the next chest.

New World: Chest #5

  • Chest #6: When you're standing by chest #4, you'll need to turn left, in the opposite direction from where you came from. You'll have to go straight until you see rocks on your left that you can use to get to the next chest. Here you will also encounter a monster that you will need to kill.

New World: Chest #6

  • Chest #7: The next chest will be on a small island nearby. To get from the shore to the chest, you'll need to kill the enemy creatures in the water, and then you can cross the water by fording.

New World: Chest #7

  • Chest #8: To get to the next chest, you'll have to go deep into the Isle of Zurvan and follow the path to the platform with green lights and a horse symbol. We've shown you the approximate path there in the screenshot below. When you come to the platform, you will need to step on it to make bridges appear next to you. After you cross the first bridge, you'll need to turn right and cross another bridge to get to the next chest.

New World: Chest #8

  • Chest #9: Now, you have to go back to the square you just came from, which is between three bridges, and cross to the opposite side from where you stepped on the green platform. Next, you have to go up the hill and follow the path until you cross a large stone bridge, then turn right. After walking a little further, you will have to climb up the rocks to the top, where you will see a plain with another chest.

New World: Chest #9

  • Chest #10: From there, just follow the path, and you'll come across jumping puzzles along the way. They're not difficult, so you shouldn't have any trouble completing them. After you pass them and get to the top, you'll see an area where you'll need to kill the boss. After that, you'll need to jump on the rocks up and collect the last three elite chests along the way.

New World: Chest #10

When you have collected all the chests after defeating the boss, you can go down to the middle of Isle of Zurvan and find the last secret elite chest at the teleportation site.

By the way, while you're still here, feel free to take a look at our guide on how to get the Abyss Artifact and the best build for it in New World. Good luck!

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