Nightingale: How to Craft Brass Ingots

Published: Apr. 12, 2024
Updated: May. 19, 2024


To survive in Nightingale, you will have to find many different resources. But some of them, such as Brass Ingots, can only be made by hand.

Contents of the Guide: Next, you will learn how to craft Brass Ingots in Nightingale.

  • You can craft Brass Ingots from Copper and Zink Ore in the Blacksmith’s Hearth.
  • You can find copper in the desert biome and zink in the swamp.

How to Craft Brass Ingots in Nightingale

Blacksmith’s Hearth Nightingale

Blacksmith’s Hearth schematic.

So, to craft Brass Ingots in Nightingale, you will need a special Crafting Station, namely Blacksmith’s Hearth. With its help, you can craft one Brass Ingot using several resources:

  • Copper Ore - 2
  • Zink Ore - 2

Each Ingot requires 30 seconds to craft. However, before you can craft it, you will have to progress quite a bit.

How to Get Blacksmith's Hearth in Nightingale

Blacksmith’s Hearth Nightingale

Blacksmith’s Hearth recipe.

As with most of the other Crafting Stations in Nightingale, Blacksmith's Hearth can be unlocked by purchasing the corresponding schematics. To do this, we recommend that you find Swamp Herbarium Essence Trader. Then, collect enough resources and build it on your base:

  • Etched Iron Ingot - 1
  • Metal Tip - 2
  • Hammer Head - 1
  • Shaft - 3

With it, you can create many advanced resources, including Brass Ingots in Nightingale. But be prepared for the fact that you will have to visit many Realms to find the necessary Ores.

How to Use Brass Ingots in Nightingale

Brass Ingots is a crafting resource, so it's not useful on its own. It is mainly needed for augmentations and light items:

  • Gentleman's Candlestick
  • Stave Fireplace
  • Petite Candlestick
  • Candelabra
  • Tall Candlestick
  • Ornate Brass Candlestick
  • Shaded Lamp
  • Willson's Mining Lamp
  • Flame Safety Mining Lamp
  • Elegant Sconce
  • Clswfoot Lamp
  • Clerk's Lamp
  • Mister
  • Paper Press
  • Astrocalmere
  • Shield
  • Distiller
  • Diving Helmet
  • Gramophone

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